Upcoming Patreon

This is just a quick post, but I wanted to go ahead and let you know!

Among other things that I’ve been working toward, I’m going to be launching a Patreon page in the near future.

I’ve known about Patreon for a while, and even began setting up a page over a year ago, but never launched it. There were a few reasons for this. I felt bad about asking for money, and I wasn’t sure what I could even offer as rewards. I didn’t want to promise something that I couldn’t deliver on.

Now, I have more of a plan. I know what I’m striving for, I know how often I’ll be publishing, and I have more faith in what I’m able to do.

Now comes the real reason I’m doing this: ever since I decided to become a full-time writer (like, immediately afterward), a lot of things started breaking down…(more info on the page later) and I realized that I can’t just wait around for the lucky chance that I might write a bestseller and start getting paid for all my struggles.

And another reason. I want to make free content in addition to selling my books. I feel like I should be able to do that, but I just can’t give away my only marketable skill for free, you know? I know that many of you do understand that, and I thank all of you who turn down free content from me in favor of purchasing it. That means a lot.

So, I’m going to give Patreon a try. Even a little will help, because right now I have very little income.

Right now, the Patreon tiers look like this:


  • Access to Patreon-only posts
  • Access to any exclusive early chapters or short stories that I release here
  • Access to any exclusive audio or video that I post here


  • All Above, plus
  • You’ll get your name mentioned in a special ‘thank you’ section of any book that I release during the time that you are a patron (ebook AND printed)


  • All Above, plus
  • I will personally email (or make available through Patreon) an ebook of every title I release during the period in which you are a patron, in either kindle or ePUB format


  • All Above, plus
  • I will personally mail you a SIGNED printed copy of each title I publish (if or when it’s in print format), during the period in which you are a patron
  • And maybe a few extra items as well, such as bookmarks and postcards
  • It doesn’t matter where you live!


  • All Above, plus
  • In addition to each book I’ll send you, you will get a hand-written letter from me, thanking you for this generous support


This is what I have for now, but I’d like suggestions. Is there anything else you might like to see from me? Do you have any good ideas for rewards that you’d be interested in as a patron. Let me know!

This is just a preview for now, but I’ll keep you up to date about it. Again, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list as well (that one is totally free!) I mean who knows when you might find out about a giveaway. 😉


The Captor’s Redemption — Read the first chapter!

Hello all!

I believe I promised an excerpt or two, so here is your first look at The Captor’s Redemption as I share the first chapter with you! This will give you a good look at who Vincent is and what his story is about.

It’s long, so settle in first. I hope you enjoy it!


The Captor’s Redemption

Lani Lenore

Text © Lani Lenore 2018

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be produced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

—William Shakespeare, The Tempest


Rain, sharp and heavy in its masses, struck the ground, relentlessly beating it into subjection. The sheet of the above was gray and deep, and all who were beneath it trembled in the cruel jaws of the gloom that clenched them. The entire world seemed alive, nurtured beneath the wing of the vengeful darkness.

Wrapped in this same darkness, the man waited.

Continue reading

I finally have a Mailing List! And more!

Over and over again I’ve seen it written: ‘if you want to be successful as an indie writer, you need a mailing list. It is your most important tool‘. Or something. Now, I finally have one.

You’ve probably already seen it pop up on the blog! (I hope you did, anyway. It was supposed to.) So this is me asking everyone to sign up for it.

I’m hoping this will solve the problem I’ve had of not being able to let all of my fans know when I release a new book. I try to get the word out — on the blog, on social media (did you know you could follow me on Amazon, and Facebook, and Goodreads?)– but then months later someone pops up to say that they didn’t know that I’d released another book. It makes me sad. 😦 But because of the way Facebook works and only shows posts to 10 people unless you boost, well, I’m not surprised.

Now that shouldn’t be a problem anymore — as long as I’m able to let everyone know about the mailing list…

So, if you missed the pop-up, here it is again:

blog header all books


I promise not to spam you. You already know how well I keep up with blog posts, so I don’t think that will be a problem. You’ll just get an email directly from me to you, letting you know about new releases and any other major happenings. But the blog will still be the blog and I don’t plan to ramble (on the newsletter). The blog will have info that is completely different (following the blog is completely different), and that’s that.

Speaking of the blog, I’ve been working on the blog! (ha) You may have noticed that it looks a little different. I’ve added a Books tab which has all my works, descriptions, and links to the different places where you can buy them. It’s not fancy, but it serves its purpose for now. I still don’t have it set up so that I am selling my books directly, but I really want to do that one day. If I can do that, it’ll mean A) better prices for the paperbacks, and B) still a greater percent of earnings for me. So, it’s win-win. Except that I have to actually stock the product… That’s the main reason why I haven’t done it. I may order books that I don’t sell, and that’s just not how I’m able to do things right now.

I’m setting up the blog to function more as a website instead, so it may change again.

I’d like to make the site more mobile-friendly (I know it doesn’t look great on mobile.) But that’s going to take a lot more effort on my part.

Anywho, please sign up for the newsletter so that I can tell you all about the cool stuff I have planned! (Publishing schedule until 2020, remember?)

I was looking around on Amazon the other day and I noticed that many mainstream books have preorders up for books that are nine months from being published! (Then again, books are babies to some.) On the same note, just the other day I saw the first teaser image for the next Wonder Woman movie, and then found out that it wasn’t being released until November 2019. That’s just too far into the future for me to concern myself with.

What’s your opinion? Does knowing about something for a year build your anticipation, or are you more likely to forget about it?

For me, when I hear about something that interests me, I want to buy it immediately. If I have to wait, then I get a little annoyed, but then I still do wait, but I don’t think about it as much. I may even change my mind!

I guess it’s important to let people know what’s going on, so I’ve decided to be a little more honest about what I’m working on even as I’m writing and editing, so you’ll know exactly what I’m doing. I’ve added a new page that lets you know what I’m preparing to publish and what I’m currently writing. Check out the new Current Project tab on the menu. That’s right, this will be your first glimpse at new works from me! Call it a teaser. For me, it’s just another thing that will keep me up to date and working.

As for The Captor’s Redemption, I’m still reading over it while I’m writing my new new work (which won’t be out for a while), but while I was reading through Captor, I realized I had forgotten to transfer an entire section of about 3 chapters, so the word count for that one is around 180k instead of 155k like I mentioned before. It’s a big one! I’m still trying to get it formatted but don’t worry. It will all be ready by August 8th.

Again, please do me the great favor of preordering the ebook. 🙂 HERE’S HOW

I’ll be back soon!

The Captor’s Redemption – A Man and his Demons

Last week I announced my new book, The Captor’s Redemption, a 155,000 word original dark fantasy novel which will be released on August 8, 2018.

I mentioned that it was listed for preorder, but here are those links again, plus an extra:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo,  and iBooks (do a search).

But first, a general update.

Writing/Publishing Schedule

I finally did it! I made a plan for my future publishing endeavors based on a 3-6 month schedule. I worked out what I wanted to release and made a working schedule for what I want to be writing/editing at what times.

I worked through it all the way to the end of 2020! Then I just sat back and looked at it like ‘wow, I’m going to be so busy!’. And I’ll have to keep planning as time goes on, but I think I’m going to love it.

My lifetime aspiration is to write as many books as possible, so this ought to be a good way to do it.

I’m still editing at this point and finalizing the layout of The Captor’s Redemption, but I hope to have that done by the end of this month. But basically I need to stay busy or I’ll go crazy. So, there’s that!

Anyway, I see it as a challenge and I’m pretty excited.

I’m currently making great progress on a new book that I hope to release in January 2019, but I have another book planned in between, so I have to keep at it!

I’m going to need your support if I’m going to make this happen, so please stick with me and give me some feedback every once in a while. 🙂

Now back to Captor. So, what’s it about? It’s about a man and his demons – literally.

***WARNING! Some of you might consider this to contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anything at all, turn back now!!***


In a dark, monster infested world, Vincent has a unique ability. He can kill demons and make them a part of himself, harnessing their power. He is a Captor, his body itself a prison. Within him might lie the salvation of the world, but he has his own agenda: revenge for the death of his brother.


The book follows Vincent, our protagonist and anti-hero. Vincent is brooding, hostile, and haunted. In a world that values religion, he is fighting against it in his bold mission to kill a man he calls ‘the priest’, who killed his brother. He would claim that this is the only thing that his life is worth, but there is more to Vincent than that.

At a young age, Vincent discovered that he had a unique ability. Along with his brother, Trevan, he discovered that he had superhuman speed, strength, accelerated healing, and most interesting – an ability to capture a demon’s soul inside himself and use its form at will. The interesting thing about this is that these demons still have consciousness inside his mind. It’s not that he can become them, but he allows them to come forward and mutate his body. This is difficult and takes a toll on him physically and mentally. He has to keep control of the demons inside him, and at times, it’s a struggle.

Vincent knows that his abilities are beyond human, but he doesn’t know why he can do these things. Instead of seeking answers about himself, instead he lets his anger drive him along his way to what he believes is important.

This story follows Vincent, exploring his past and setbacks as he goes on to discover that there may be more to his own story than even he knows.

The World

The world has no name, but it is what’s left of Earth hundreds of years in the future. It is often referred to as ‘the world, as it is now’. The world is cold and dark. The sky (or ‘the gray sheet of the above’) looms over them. The sun cannot be seen. There is very little left.

The world is indeed round, but it is flat as well. The world is basically a landmass that hangs free in space – rather, it is a piece of the Earth that survived when the planet broke apart and sunk into hell. The world is round like a target, with the cities in the center like a bullseye. The further one goes from the center, the closer they get to the edge of the world where demons are able crawl onto the plane. Monsters spawn from hell-ash that blows in from the world’s edge. This world is a dangerous place. People in the cities live lives full of indulgence while the people in the wilderness fight for survival, dealing with the beast threat and their ritualistic binding of the demons.

Vincent walks his own path in this world, respecting no one, considering them to be misguided. Maybe he’s right. Or he could be terribly wrong.

The Demons

Demons are beings that want nothing more than to crawl out of hell and own the World. It is at least a little bit better than the world they come from. They want to kill the humans, but mostly they just want to survive any way they can. They are genderless and cannot be replicated like the monsters that spawn from the ash. When they come into the world, they must choose a form that can exist beyond the hell-realm, and they will often base their appearances on a creatures that already exist. Many of them resemble animals in some way.

One of my favorite things about the story is that the demons inside Vincent have their own desires and personalities. They don’t really have voices to communicate as much as Vincent can feel their intentions and translate their thoughts in a way that he can understand. The book follows Vincent, but the demons have a part in his revenge, and they make their own judgements about him and his feelings as the story goes on.


For those of you who love romance, never fear! Well, while this book may not be exactly romantic, there is a love connection. Of course I won’t spoil how things play out, but there is a romantic substory in this book, like so many of my others. So, if you like what I usually do in that regard, then I think you’ll be happy with this one too. But…

Not Young Adult

This is not a young adult book, and I wouldn’t consider it new adult either, even though the characters are not over 30. The themes and characters just don’t fall into these categories, in my opinion. So if you’re open to that and you enjoy a more serious and literary fantasy novel, this will be a great one for you. Unlike some others in the same category, the prose is not too purple, I swear.

I personally think that this book is one of my best examples of world and character building. I’ll be honest: some might find it a slower read, but this book was met with praise by those who have read it online. Many liked that it focused a lot more on just a few characters instead of many, and the story itself was well-received.

So! I hope you’re excited for this one, but if it’s not your cup of tea, I have more coming soon.

Just follow the blog to keep up!

The Captor’s Redemption – Release Date and Pre-order Confirmed!

I’m excited to announce my first release this year! I’m going to publish a book that’s very special to me. I’ve said that about several of my works, (The Nutcracker Bleeds, The Needle’s Eye) but this one is even more special than that. I suppose you could say that this one is my “trunk novel” – the one I’ve been holding onto for a long time and saving for a rainy day.

I wrote The Captor’s Redemption back in the early 2000s. I was 21 or 22 years old, and it was the first novel that I truly set myself to completing. It was probably the first fully fleshed-out storyline that I’d come up with. I worked on it for a year. Every day. After I had finished it, I rewrote it until I felt it was perfect. I’d say that this book brought me to find true satisfaction as a writer.

Writing this book honed my skill, and since then, I’ve been able to manage my works and finish them. But until writing The Captor’s Redemption, I couldn’t do that.

A long time ago, when I was hopeful of being traditionally published, I sent the book to several publishers and agents, only to be met with rejection. After that, I put it aside, but I think it’s finally time to let it go.

I need to let it go so that I have room to create another masterpiece.

Some of you may have read this one before. I had posted it online in the past, but I don’t think it was never on Wattpad, so for those of you who are newer fans, this will be a completely new story for you!

The Story:

The Captor’s Redemption is a dark fantasy in the true sense. It’s set in a hellish world that has been abandoned by its god. There are only eight remaining cities and the rest of the world is wilderness – all the way until it reaches the edge of the world, which crumbles off into the Hell-realm.

This world is overrun by monsters and demons. The people of the wilderness, the clansmen, struggle to learn the ways of the monsters in order to fight them off. The demons are a bit different. When they crawl into the world from the Hell-realm, they create an inspired appearance for themselves. Unlike the monsters, the demons are one of a kind, and they seek to make this world their own.

It has been said that the world will be delivered through repentance, and so society is based very strongly on religious principles and almost everyone claims some religious affiliation – except our main character, Vincent. He has turned his back on all of that.

Vincent is not quite human. He has superhuman strength and speed, and with that comes the ability to fight the demons. But not only that. He can take their essence into himself, then draw them out at will. He is a kind of shapeshifter. He is a Captor, his body itself is a prison for the demons, but to say that he is the only one of his kind would be false. There is one other now, and that other is Vincent’s sworn enemy. Though Vincent possesses abilities that could allow him to save the world, he only cares about his personal vendetta.

This is a tale of bloody revenge, and Vincent is a true anti-hero. He is cruel and relentless, stopping at nothing to achieve his goal of killing the man he calls the Priest. He is seeking his own redemption through this deed.

I’m going to share a bit more detailed information about this book in other posts leading up to the release.

Release Details:

The Captor’s Redemption ebook is live now as a preorder on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords. It will be released on 8.8.18. (Links at the bottom of the page.)

The book is approximately 155,000 words, and is written in third person multiple pov, but unlike some of my other works, it focuses on fewer characters. There is less jumping around. The focus is on the main character, Vincent, and his companion and romantic interest, Eden, with sections from the pov of the demons he holds inside.

For now I have plans to release it as a wide distribution ebook, and I want it to be in print as well, but I don’t know if it will be in print right away. Probably. But so far I haven’t worked on the layout. I’m still doing a quick edit, but rest assured that the final version will be ready by the release date. (That’s the nice thing about preorders. I still have time to finish it up in the meantime.)

Here’s the cover!


The world is infested with monsters – demons that spawned from the darkness at the world’s edge, from the Hell Realm that it fell into centuries ago. The people pray to the One God, Ariah, for a day when they won’t have to fear for their lives, and the clansmen of the wilderness fight until their last breaths to gain control of the monsters.

But there is hope.

There is one who might deliver the world – one who has power over demons and an ability to trap them inside himself, adding their power to his own. Though the deliverance of the world has been promised through diligent repentance, the condition of the land and its people only seem to be declining as the years pass. Yet the one man that might be humanity’s last hope doesn’t seem to care.

Vincent has his own agenda, and the thought of only one thing drives him: revenge.



Barnes and Noble


iBooks (no link, just look me up!)

Are you excited? I am! I’m always excited to bring a new work to the public, but this one feels a bit like a rebirth for me, as if I’m starting my journey anew. I’ve been publishing for over 5 years now but I finally feel like I have a path ahead of me, and it’s wonderful!

More news soon!

New News – Wide Distribution and Future Plans

blog-header-all-booksIn between binge watching The Closer and doing some long-neglected work around the house, I’ve been getting some serious author-type work done.

I’ve been trying to write at least 1000 words a day, which isn’t a lot, but there’s always the option to do more than that. I’ve been prepping my next release, sorting through book cover options, and making plans for my work load over the next several months.

In the meantime, I’ve finally brought some of my other works to wide distribution. I’ve released three more books through Smashwords, which will eventually be made available through other channels such as Barnes and Noble and iBooks. These are The Needle’s Eye, Dark Depths, and the new version of The Nutcracker Bleeds. I could not release The Hallowed because it’s still under KDP contract until August. Because of that though, The Hallowed is free this weekend, Saturday and Sunday (June 2 and 3) only. Get your copy while you can, and if you’d be willing to leave a review, I’d really appreciate it! (That one doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon yet. 😦

As of now, I feel I have a pretty strong plan for releasing a book every 3 months. I’m going to try that, but if that becomes too much, I’m going to go to 6 months. Either way it works out, I hope to continue on this way. I’m going back to doing this because I want to and need to, not out of desperation for finding some way to make money. I think I’ll be happier if I can revert to that mindset.

My next book is planned for August, and I’ll likely be announcing it in my next post! I’m planning for it to be up for pre-order at that point as well. I’m still editing, but it’s in great shape so I don’t think it will need much.

In conclusion: New book! New book release! New plan! The Hallowed will be free on Amazon this weekend!

Thanks for all your support!


Full-time Writer Status!


Just last week I embarked upon a new life-changing decision: I quit my job and decided to become a full-time writer!

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time – as many others do – and this is what I’ve always felt like I was meant to do. Nothing else has ever satisfied me. Still, the decision did not come easily, and so the truth of it is that I’m going to work for myself for a while and try to get serious about building my business. (Plus, my day job was driving me crazy, so I felt like it was a good time to call it quits.)

So far, I highly recommend it! The two weeks leading up to it and the first week of being at home was a little weird because I have a strong sense of responsibility, and to be “unemployed” brought on a lot of mixed feelings, but this second week has been much better. (Following a month where I was crying almost every day. Yeah, something just wasn’t right in my life.) I like to stay busy, so I’m at least able to turn my energy to my creative pursuits.

I know it seems like bragging… Not everyone can make this a reality. For the record, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I like to plan everything and be sure of everything, so this is a big leap for me. But I’m so much happier, at least for now. It may not last, but while it is, I’m planning not only to enjoy it, but to work hard.

So! I’m busy writing and it feels amazing! I’ve been writing every day, back to projects I always meant to work on, but my mind wasn’t clear enough to focus. My mind feels open in a way that it hasn’t been in a long time. While I’m busy writing something new, I have to decide what I want to do next.

Since I’ve reached this goal, I have to set another, and that’s to up my game and get myself on a publishing schedule that works.

My plan is to get myself on a 3-6 month publishing schedule. I would like to do 3 months, but 6 months might be more doable. There will be many benefits to this, I feel. I can publish more and hold myself to a schedule. When I publish a book, I’ll immediately have another up for preorder with a definite release date. In order for me to do this, I have to be a little bit ahead of myself, but I still have a couple of works on reserve, so I plan to start there.

Something old, something new

While I’m working on this new project (the Weird Western I mentioned back around NaNo time last year), I have an old one on deck that I need to prepare.

It’s likely that you’ll soon get an announcement from me about a new release!

But when you hear about it, it likely won’t be released for 3 months. But then, once it is available, there will be a link to the next preorder and news about my next release immediately. I think that will help readers know what to expect from me and always know when a new project will be ready. Also that I WILL have another book to release instead of leaving it up in the air as to when or IF I will publish anything else.

It’s an experiment, as always, but I’ll have to see how it works.

My other books are still available!

I’m about to start preparing all my books for wide distribution. As of now, only some of my books are available through Barnes and Noble and iBooks, for example. Most are on Kindle, but I’m going to put more effort into getting this done. It just takes a different type of formatting to send the books through Smashwords (and it’s kind of a nightmare).

I reduced the prices on some of my titles a while ago on Amazon, so check them out if there are any you haven’t snagged yet.

I’ll be back soon!