6 thoughts on “Project Nevermor: Proposal

  1. Janie Torrez

    I’m really excited about this now. Initially, I was totally against this because I adore Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape. I often suggest it to others because of how much it stood out amongst the other stories on Wattpad. Peter and Neverland already hold a huge part in my heart and I know that’s why I was so against changing it. However, you are extremely talented and I know this can turn into something great. I will definitely be following your progress and promote your finished works when the time comes. There are very few writers on Wattpad that I’ve come across and believe they have what it takes. You are one of them. Good luck. <3janie1617 from wattpad.

  2. MD Wyvern

    II’m Very Proud of you Miss. Lenore. You’ve taken the first steps into the world of truly original fiction. Hopefully one day, you will be published and have a completed trilogy on the shelves of my favorite book stores. Good Luck, you will need it.


  3. Ella G. Munn

    Wow, you’ve definitely thought this through. You’ve got a wonderful foundation, and I’m totally excited to see how this works out. Best of luck, and again, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. ChamB

    I’m just new to Wattpad and when I first saw your book, it already caught my attention because I thought the story would be good to read. But when I started reading it, it just exceeded from my expectations, it was very WONDERFUL!!! (although I was new in reading stories with dark themes) i started getting hook to it :))) Oh my! thank you for sharing your talent to the world! 😀 ❤ i love it! GOOD LUCK Ms. Lenore!


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