Plotting the outline

I’ve been writing descriptions for the last couple of days – characters and details about the world – and I’m going to start posting some of those soon so that you can begin to get a feel for how I am going to present the world. But today I’m working on the layout for the storyline of Nevermor. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what I wanted to do with it, because basically I’m just building backward on a story that I already put there – but only eluded to the first time.  There are going to be some familiar things in this storyline that should make you go ‘ohhhhh yeahhhhh. So that’s how it happened…’

It’s going to be good!  I’m excited; you’re excited (yes, you are), and it’s allll going to come together.

Thanks to those of you who are already following this blog. Hopefully more will join us soon. I’m going to try and post regularly to keep you up to speed on progress.

I am happy to announce that I already have over 1000 words of the actual story and I don’t even have a full outline yet. (Yay!)


1 thought on “Plotting the outline

  1. Ella G. Munn

    Over 1000 words? That’s great! I know this is going to be a long process for you, but I can’t wait to read Nevermor! Patience has never been my thing, but I’m excited nonetheless. 🙂


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