Clothing of Leaves

A little more random today, but still part of the fun.  Designing fantasy characters is great.  They can look like absolutely anything, and no one seems to care much.  In fact, if they have weird eyes or outrageous style, it’s even better!  But that also leaves (haha) the writer with all these little details to figure out in advance, because appearances are important (but a note to other writers: don’t go too overboard with descriptions. Readers can only take so much concerning the specifics of eye color before they zone out.)

I made my rules for Forsaken Dreamscape, but since this is before that, I have to re-examine what all my characters look like and how they are dressed. To me, saying that someone is clothed in leaves is a little bit unusual and hard to imagine, but it’s something I wanted to consider.  I decided to look up actual clothing made of leaves and I did find some pretty cool outfits!  It gives me a new perspective. This dress is so gorgeous and the coat is too cool.

If you want to look at some more of the cool (but some crazy looking) designs, check out the slideshow here:


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