Character Sheet – The Never-Ones (or Never-boys)

One main thing about Forsaken Dreamscape that I always loved was the Lost Boys.  They were all individuals with their own stories and contributions to the plotline.  Even though some were more important than others, they all had a presence.  I really enjoyed designing them; everything from the weapons they used to what they wore.

Later on in the book, I loved how they all bonded together again to deal with the problems in their world, and one thing that gets me going every time is that huge epic battle at the end.  There is so much going on during that and, to me, it’s the best part of the book.  The Lost Boys weren’t the only ones there, obviously, but they brought it together (and I do include Nibs in that).

In this book, you are going to see the backbone of some of that brotherhood that they share, even though they will look somewhat different.  This is the beginning of all that.

And most importantly, new names!

As a group:

They have all been hand-picked to stay in Nevermor after they washed ashore on the sea of dreams.  They were all looking for a way out – for a new life – and these are the ones the Rifter felt were worthy enough to stay and be his band.  They are not the first, nor are they the only group of boys that have ever walked the grounds of Nevermor.  They are merely a handful of many – the ones who, presently, have been apt enough to survive.

They do not age because of a vow they made when they agreed to stay in Nevermor.  They wear the skins of animals and monsters they have killed, and decorate themselves with their spoils.  They wear necklaces of teeth, and they mark their kills by drawing lines of blood on their skin to count how many they’ve had for the day. They are fierce, wild and rebellious, but above all else, they love to have fun – even if their ideas about fun are a little skewed.

Let me introduce them to you:

Nix – (formerly Nibs) – He is the moodiest of the group, and though he follows fearlessly at times when he’s at his best, he also tends to rebel quite often when he thinks that his leader is not making the right choice in something.  In appearance, he has dirty blond hair and blue eyes.  He is among the oldest and the tallest.  He is the best hunter, and is also the most skilled with weapons.

Finn – (formerly Curly) – He is the most naturally charismatic of the group, and also likes a bit of mischief.  He’s a prankster and never misses a chance to crack a joke.  He has bright eyes and curly black hair – of course.  He’s an inventor, always trying to figure out the best way to make a new gadget or weapon.  He gets along with all the rest of them well enough, but he has a close friendship with Toss, perhaps since he’s the only one Finn can pick on without having to dodge a swing.  (I’m very excited about his name change, because I just hated calling him Curly!  Now he can have a proper name.)

Toss – (Formerly Tootles) – He is the biggest among them, but he is the gentlest.  He is fiercely loyal and can follow orders without question.  He’s generally happy and likes to joke around.  He is glad to be accepted by his brothers and normally just follows along with what they do, even if it doesn’t fit with his personal ideas of fun.  His job among the group is forging blades.

Sly – (Formerly Slightly) – He is a thinker, a philosopher, a scientist.  He collects information about the island – the beasts and the people.  There is very little he doesn’t know – or at least he won’t admit to not knowing it.  The others consider him a know-it-all, yet they always consult him when they have a question about something.  He often chides them for what he knows and they don’t.  He is the smallest in stature, but not the youngest, and uses this often when someone is needed for stealth.

The Twins – Mach and Mech – (same names, since I made them up to begin with) – All of the boys contribute to designing things to make their lives better, but somehow Mach and Mech have a way about them that brings them together on an idea, and they can pull off a new invention like no one else.  They often work with Finn to create contraptions to make their lives easier.  Even though they look the same – small with red hair – they desire to be different ,and even though they have a silent war against each other, do not pick on one, or the other will bite back with a vengeance to defend his brother.  They are the only two who are blood-related.  They share secrets among themselves and are notoriously rude with impish dispositions, and are quick to lie if it will benefit them.

Do these descriptions sound familiar?  They should.  These are pretty much the same characters that you already know. =) They just have different names now.

Let’s recap:

Nibs is Nix

Slightly is Sly

Curly is Finn

Tootles is Toss

Mach and Mech will remain the same since I named them myself anyway.

Wendy is Wren

John is Henry

Michael is Max or Maxwell

Captain Hook is Jarus the Scourge/ the Scourge

Only a few more of the main players left!  Those will be revealed within the next few days.  Keep an eye out!


1 thought on “Character Sheet – The Never-Ones (or Never-boys)

  1. Janie Torrez

    Love it! I adore the name, Finn as well. Toss is also easy on the tongue. I like that they are all very similar to your original descriptions. Considering you developed most of their characteristics, with very little to go on from Peter Pan. It’s weird because the whole time reading Forsaken Dreamscape, we are fooled into believing Peter is Nibs. And you fall in love with him only to find he is Peter. The real Nibs is almost a mystery. So this will be exciting to learn more about your Nix.<3janie1617


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