Working on layout – already thinking about cover images

The layout for Nevermor is coming together. I’m finally getting all my events in order, and the whole thing is looking pretty good.  I’m going to be working on this for NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m going to start it before then because I’m pretty sure it will be well over 50k, so hopefully NaNo will see me to the finish line.  (Those of you who are doing it as well are invited to friend me: L.C. Lenore) So maybe by December, we will have a book! – or a first draft, anyway.

I’ve already gotten a few thousand words written, and the plans are coming along. It’ll only be a matter of time before the full-on writing begins.

I’m already thinking about what the cover might look like, and I’m curious: would you be more drawn to a book with an obvious Peter Pan type cover? Or otherwise? Say, a dark silhouette of someone flying? Or would you be drawn to an image of the world?  Would you be more likely to pick up a book with a male or a female on the cover? What sort of things draw your attention?


6 thoughts on “Working on layout – already thinking about cover images

  1. diamond loran

    I liked the cover for neverland, but i think a silhouette would be pretty cool, as for me personally I’m drawn more to a female cover but knowing you books more of a peterpan retelling I would like to see a male on the cover but which ever you decide good luck! I cant wait to buy the book 🙂

  2. Shan

    Your suggestion of a dark silhouette appeals really nicely–it’s magical and dark and still Peter-Pan-esque. Have you ever seen the cover for The Night Circus? That caught my attention straight off haha, but mostly anything beautiful, you know? I think if you use a female on the cover, you mightttt limit your reading audience, and it almost doesn’t seem completely appropriate that it wouldn’t capture one of your central themes of the Never Boys. But regardless, good luck!

  3. Celia

    I like the idea of silhouettes and/or shadows of someone flying. It’s eerie and adds the the effect of a land full of dreams AND nightmares. Plus Peter Pan is partly about shadows

  4. Aurora Sparrow Mist

    I think it should have a whimsical yet rustic feel, to represent magical aspect of Nevermor as well as the ‘boy’s world’ thing it has going on with the Never Boys.

  5. LIa

    I like the idea of the flying silhouette too 🙂 I think it sounds magical, and I would definitely be more prone to pick up a book like that than one with a girl on the cover.


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