A Post for Posting’s Sake

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to think of something to post. I’ve already given out a lot of the basic information about the characters and a little about the world as well.

But I’m not going to let the blog come to a stand-still.  This is as much to keep me going with the project as it is to let you know how it’s going, so I’m still going to try to make it a weekly thing, if not more often than that.

I really only have a couple of things to say right now:

On the plus side, I have over 19,000 words written. (Whoo! I can be productive when I want to be!)

On the other side, I decided I’m not sure if I like my first few chapters, so now I have to figure out how to fix them. No big, really. It’s alllll part of the process. (At least that’s what I always tell myself.) But I’m not sure if I want to worry over fixing them now or just keep going forward and mess with it later…  It’s never easy to know the answer to that.

I’m also glad to see lots of new votes and readers coming in for Forsaken Dreamscape since I entered it in the Watty Awards, which I guess I should have done a while ago. Somehow, I thought I’d get more readers if I kept the story marked in 2 categories for as long as possible, but perhaps that wasn’t the case. I’d like to see it win something, but either way, more readers are just as good.

In the coming days and weeks, I hope to be posting some small sections of the writing for your entertainment, also I think this blog needs to be more colorful, so maybe I’ll put a few pictures up to illustrate the world.

The new names are becoming so much more familiar to me now, and I rarely think of the old ones when I’m writing, like I did at first. It’s becoming easier to think of them as entirely different characters set aside from the old book. I like it.  That’s what I was going for.


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