Happy Endings: to be or not to be, or to be continued…

As I consider the ending of Nevermor, I realize that everyone might already have a general idea of how it ends, but yet I think you might be surprised by how it all comes about. Anyway, I find myself wondering how I should steer it, because even though the same things will happen, it could end on a different note.

Forsaken Dreamscape had a pretty happy ending, so while the whole book might have been worrisome, the end tied it all up and made you feel pretty good.

Pretend, for a moment, that you have not already read Forsaken Dreamscape. So, you decide to read Nevermor, and it has you going and you like it…and then you get to the end. What sort of ending would make you more likely to go on to the next book? Would a happy ending make you carry on for more, or would a bad ending make you desperate to know what happens next with the hope that things will get better?  Or, perhaps, a sort of cliffhanger? (I know cliffhangers are of the devil and irritate like nothing else, but I’m talking about as far as a series goes, does that make you want more?)

Or does the ending not matter at all, and you leave the story and characters to determine whether you want to go on?  I’m very curious to know. Personally, if a first book is just TOO good and it can stand alone, sometimes I’m afraid to keep going because I fear that the story will be ruined.  But that’s just me… What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Happy Endings: to be or not to be, or to be continued…

  1. Alice

    Clifhangers are awful and especially when romance is involved. Also I love happy endings, but has some sort of bitter twist. So I feel its somewhat realistic. If this was you planning your first book in a SERIES, then I’d say cliffhanger would be best. If you want us to read right when it comes to the shelves. :3

  2. Fran Abigail

    Happy endings are more like the REAL endings for a story. So I suggest cliffhangers are more suitable for Nevermor if you want to turn it into a series. Although they are very irritating but wouldn’t you itch for more?


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