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I was going to save this one until later, but since I have it worked up, I might as well share it. =) I was setting up my novel information for NaNoWriMo and it allows me to put a cover image, so I find myself already having to make a choice. (If you want to look me up on NaNo, my user name is L.C. Lenore)

I have 2 covers, actually, and I was thinking of having you read first before picking one, but it’s not really about the reading.  It’s about the first glance – the way the image and the title grab your attention so that you would want to read this book.

I present to you your current choices:

This one has a very obvious Peter Pan vibe. But it’s a good representation of what I had in mind when I mentioned the flying silhouette. I think this one looks good and it has nice colors. This one, however, perhaps does not capture the idea that this story is supposed to be a bit dark and violent. But! It is not quite as dark as Forsaken Dreamscape anyway. Does this cover appeal to you?

The second one:

This one features an image of a girl, obviously, which might draw in more female readers, and we must keep in mind that it at least begins from Wren’s pov, making her the main character.  But you know how I write, and so hers will not be the only pov out there. Does this cover appeal to you?

So which one do you like? I already know which one I’m leaning toward, and it’s possible that I could use both of them for eBook formats. But which is best?  You can vote below in my very first poll!  When you vote, please consider these things:

Which one catches your eye best?

Which one would make you pick up this book?


4 thoughts on “Cover Art

  1. Lia

    I like the first one a lot. It fits the story better, in my opinion, and stands out among the hundreds of books featuring girls on the covers. Also, the colors are beautiful!

  2. Shan

    I don’t think I’d normally pick one with the girl, since I really liked the idea of the silhouette, but I feel like the first one’s figure seems too stiff; kind of awkward. The second one has a flow to it that’s really appealing. But the contrasting colors in the first are rather eye-catching, and it almost hints at the whole war situation.

  3. misslanilenore Post author

    Thank you all for the votes and the great comments to help me out. I really appreciate the feedback from all of you. There has already been a good voter turnout. I’m going to leave the poll open for a while longer so that others can get votes in, though it seems pretty clear how it’s going to go. =)


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