Cover and Progress Report

Well, the voting seems to have died down, so I guess it is clear which cover is the winner:

By a little over 75% of the vote, cover 1 wins the race.

Thank you to all who voted! I can’t see a number for the turnout, but I feel that it was a good number of you, so thank you for the interaction.

So, cover 1 with the Rifter silhouette wins. I may tweak it a bit more before the time comes, but this at least gives me a good idea of what the fans think. It is definitely good to get feedback from outside. =)


Ahhh October, the month of Halloween, of cooler weather, and the month before NaNo.  I might be the only one doing this since I know my project is going to be big, but I’m treating October as part of NaNo and I’m just writing on through it like I have to get 50k done for it as well.

I’m slowly working my way through, writing here and there when I can, and I’m happy to say that I now have over 24k words. If this was NaNo, I’d be halfway there! But no. Still, it’s good progress

Hopefully (!!!) you will see some portions of the actual book soon. I know I keep saying that. Somehow I just want to make sure it’s perfect before I let it out into the world, but I have had some time to edit a bit of it, so we’ll see!


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