Writing, Old School

Sometimes, I cannot write on the computer. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t do it.  Often, I find myself just having to go back to the ole’ pen and paper. I especially like to edit this way. I like to print everything out and go over it by hand, scribble all over the place and make notes everywhere (that I may not be able to interpret later). As you can see, I also like to print out some pics to inspire me for my characters. That really tends to help me a lot and I usually always do this.

So, that’s what my setup looks like for now, and I’ve actually made some good progress by hand. I’ll probably continue to do it this way for as long as it lasts.

For those of you who are interested in my writing process, try this trick yourself if you just find yourself staring at the computer screen with writer’s block.  It does help sometimes!

Currently, Nevermor has 66 pages and nearly 31k words! I also believe that I have finally gotten all of my main events figured out and put in order, which is an accomplishment for sure!  I wanted to have 50k done by the start of NaNo and then press on with another 50 to finish the book. 100k, you say? Maybe…I’m not really sure how long it will be, but it won’t be short, that’s for sure. When I really started to look at all that I have to cram in there, it just looks longer and longer all the time! Building the characters and the world is just the beginning. Then there is the actual plot that has to fit in there somewhere… but I think I’ve got it!  No worries! 😛


1 thought on “Writing, Old School

  1. Janie Torrez

    That’s really neat to see and very helpful. I’ve been having an incredibly difficult time emotionally but also wanting to write. However, I do find myself just staring at my screen, waiting for something to happen. I will definitely try this method out. Thanks 😀 ✶✶janie1617


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