The Great Outdoors

This is a bit random I suppose, yet it has to do with Nevermor. I’ve been camping the last couple of days so that’s why I haven’t updated the blog, but I also used that opportunity to write with my trusty pen and paper, and it was really nice to get outside and feel the elements. To be able to hear the wind through the trees and the sounds of wildlife – to know how dark the night is without electricity and how helpful a fire can be when it’s cold (and it WAS cold) really helped me envision what days and nights might be like in the forests of Nevermor, and what Wren and the others might be dealing with. As you know, I like to get into detail about things instead of generalizing, so, even if it’s brief, I want to illustrate what it’s like to be out there living a more primitive life. Fun stuff.

I know we can’t all take off and research a new environment when we’re writing. We have lives that we are restricted to, but if you ever get an opportunity to be inspired by a different place, I recommend it. This is another thing that can really help with writer’s block. How I long for the sort of life that will let me travel around and simply be inspired by things as I write, but I’m not quite there yet. Maybe one day.

The word count for Nevermor is now 33k, but I haven’t typed all of what I wrote when I was camping. I sort of wish I was still out there, because now it’s back to work for me. Even though I’m still behind where I wanted to be in my word count, (My day chart says I’m supposed to be at 45k by now, so I’m wayyy behind.) but I guess I have to be satisfied with that and maybe I can catch up at some point.

Thanks to all of you who are continuing to check in with the blog! I’m really grateful for your support and I need all i can get!  And, just as a hint, there might be something really fun happening around here pretty soon! :O So keep an eye out…


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