Contest! Win a signed Project Nevermor mug!

That’s right, this is my first ever CONTEST! And in this contest you have the chance to WIN FREE STUFF!  Up for grabs is a fabulous 11 oz. Project Nevemor mug, designed by me and printed by Cafepress! (Stunning, right? And did I mention free?)

Let me tell you a little about how this came to be: I originally ordered this mug for myself so that I could have my coffee and stay motivated throughout the writing of Nevermor, but because of a problem with my order, I wound up with 2 of these mugs!   So instead of being greedy and keeping them both for myself, I decided to share one with you! It’s an $18 value and you have the chance to get this rare item for free!  There is also something else very special about this mug…

As you can see, I’ve signed it! (It’s not in the pics above because I took those before I signed it. The signature is not printed on the mug but is actually written on it with a Sharpie.)  I know there aren’t a lot of people clamoring for my autograph, but once Nevermor gets to be as big as Harry Potter, Hunger Games and all that *cough* you can truly say that you were here from the very beginning – when Nevermor was just a project!

So do me a big favor and share this on Facebook (and so on) and help bring others to the blog so that they can learn about Nevermor too!

*You can use this mug however you’d like, of course, but know that washing it with soap or in the dishwasher could remove the signature.*

Entry Information: To enter, fill out the form below by November 30, 2012. (And I’d love to see you follow the blog and like it on Facebook as well!)  One entry per person. Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on the blog on December 1. Please enter with a name you won’t mind being publicly mentioned on this blog. Your real name and shipping address will not be needed unless you are the winner. Winner will be contacted by the email provided below and must respond to me within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.  Shipping for the item is on me.  For now, the contest is only open to residents of the US, for shipping purposes. *If anything happens to the item in transit, I won’t be responsible for covering the cost of the missing prize. This is a contest for promotional purposes.*


4 thoughts on “Contest! Win a signed Project Nevermor mug!

  1. Rachel

    Ooh, I wish I could enter. November 30 is my 20th birthday too :'(. But I don’t live in America. So best of luck all you Americans! Go Project Nevermor!!!

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