Back to the Beginning – Editing a bit, getting in the mood to fight!

Hmm…I really want to make a new post, but I’m not sure what to write about, so I’m just going to start out and see where this takes me:

I’m not quite at 50k, but I’m within 1000 words of it, so I’m sure that I’m going to make it before NaNo – which sort of puts me where I want to be. Not only did I want to reach that wordcount, but there was a certain point in the story that I wanted to get to before I started the “second half” of the book. It’s going to take me more than 50 to get there I think, but I’m fairly close to that too.

I’ve decided to go back to the beginning (by hand) and refresh myself on what I’ve already done so that I can get my bearings and carry on with it.  I already see that I need to make some improvements. Some of the events at the beginning seem too rushed to me, so I might be adding a bit to that – though I might save that project until the entire thing is finished because it might slow me down, and I can’t afford that now that NaNo is here.

Finding issues like this is alllll part of the process. Sometimes things need to be rewritten – and most of the time, benefits from it.

For now, the main thing I intend to do is fill in a few holes that I left before. There was a small battle scene that I skipped over – and a big battle that pretty much takes up half a chapter. I guess I just wasn’t in a fighting mood. I might be ready now. The least I can do is write a crappy draft of it and clean it up later on.

Writing battles have always been a bit difficult for me, though I feel like I do alright at it.  I have two main problems: 1) I can’t envision how the sequence will go (it’s very much like being a choreographer in your mind) or 2) I see it too well and I can’t sit still long enough to write it!  Both happen, and these each slow me wayyyy down when I’m trying to write a fight scene.

Fight scenes are completely different from mapping out a plotline. It’s like a separate occurrence that needs to happen, but it really has nothing to do with the storyline…well, sometimes. Usually though, it’s just a fun episode where I get to cut things open. haha

I think a common mistake is putting in too much detail – like explaining every single movement a character makes to pull off a move. I think it’s okay to describe some of them, but don’t make it so drawn out that the reader will get bored.  It’s touchy sometimes.

On another note, I’m still trying to think of new ways to promote Nevermor, which is a continuing process throughout the entire writing of it.  The key to selling will be promotion.  The more who know about it, the more will be interested in reading it.  Even terrible books get read with enough promotion, because people can’t get it out of their faces until finally they give in. I’m not made of money, however, so I’m always looking for cheap (free!) ways to plug in out there.  The publishing, in itself, is going to be a battle.

Can you think of anything good to help promote this? Maybe I can jot it down for later.

Uhhh I’m just kind of rambling today. I should probably get back to those fight scenes…

Oh wait, there was one more thing. See those little images on the side over there? –> You can use them if you want to. If you want to take one and make a widget out of it to link back here, that would be awesome. That would help me out. Just, you know, if you want. If not, they’re just decorations. :p


4 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning – Editing a bit, getting in the mood to fight!

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      That sounds great! =) Anything like that is welcome and appreciated!

      I’d also be willing to help with any articles or interviews (on Wattpad or otherwise) if anyone wants to do that. Though I guess it will mean more after the book is finished and released, but still, any bit of exposure helps. I’d love to build up some anticipation for it.


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