50,000!! …now for 50 more!

I got to 50k and I’m very happy about it. 😀 See?

Nevermor is now over 51,000 words with 14 chapters (some in bits and pieces) and is over 100 pages of gibberish. 😛 hehe Nah, it’s good. You guys are going to love it!  You’re not going to want it to end, so the longer the better, right?

Today I cut into Chapter Two, which I decided really needed some work while I was looking at it the other day. I didn’t fix it completely, but I did do a round of edits on the first several chapters. I thought I’d be ready to go further and continue on at the beginning of NaNo, but my last few chapters are in such a mess that I probably need to fill in some holes before I can get into the second half of the book.  *sigh*

For some reason, the end seems sooo far away! It’s really not I guess, and I haven’t been working on the thing for very long, but it feels like it has been forever!  Maybe I just need a break.

But I can’t take one! haha…ha

I never quite finished the second half of my layout, so after I review my last few chapters I should be able to think about what comes next in the story.

For fun, I was messing with the front cover again and thinking about what the back cover should look like. Technically, I only need the front cover in the beginning because I don’t think the book will be in print as early as it will be an eBook, but these are things that still need to be thought about.

I’m thinking about taking tomorrow off to goof off, but chances are that I’ll be writing anyway. I need to get ahead any way I can! Also, tomorrow is the last day for the voting for the Watty Awards, so if you haven’t voted for all chapters of Forsaken Dreamscape, please do it!


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