Happy Halloween! (and also Happy NaNo Eve!)

Or is it Merry NaNo Eve… Ah well. You get the idea.

But Halloween! One of my favorite holidays! It could be my most favorite if I could possibly ditch Christmas, because as you guys know, I love my scary stuff!  I’m in a spooky mood today, though I might regret that later after it gets dark. >.> For now though, I figure I’ll put down a few hundred words and then retire to playing a scary game or something. I just haven’t quite picked one out yet…

As for writing, today would be a good time to write some scary bits for Nevermor, but I sort of regret to admit that Nevermor is not really very scary…well, Forsaken Dreamscape wasn’t either, I guess. There were a few chills perhaps, but mostly there were just bloody instances I think. In the beginning, I hoped it would have a spooky edge, but all either of them have is a sort of dark fantasy feeling – and of course the violence and some gory depictions. So far though, Nevermor has been letting me down as far as that – but this is only the first part of the book.  There is still time, because things are about to get interesting soon. (Mwahaha!) And I may find some places for rewrites and inserts to make it a little more impish.

Lately I’ve been yearning to write something more along the lines of Rickety House or Needle’s Eye, but I’ll have to settle on this one for now, and maybe I can find a way to beef it up and make it a little darker.

Well, I have settled on a tiny pixilated game called Lone Survivor. If you can stomach low-quality graphics (which I can if the story is good) then it might be worth playing. I’ll let you know how it goes. Otherwise, I’ve been itching to play this other game that I’ve already played before called Deadly Premonition. I could probably write you an essay about that game (but I won’t). I’ll only say that it completely exhausted me mentally, and even though I kept saying “This is terrible!” the whole time I was playing it, I still just kept on going – and then when I thought I was at the end….it wasn’t the end!!! Stayed up all night to beat it because I just couldn’t let it sit there like that! It was crazy, insane, and all over the place. I hated it…but after I finished, I freaking loved it!  Weird.

For those of you planning to do NaNo, I hope you have your ideas together. I might… I guess tomorrow I’ll know for sure. hehe I dread it though, because I have to work all day. I guess I’ll just have to get up really early and get started on my word count! If I slip on the first weekend, I might not catch back up!


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