General Update

Not too much to say today, but I’ll update for the sake of it.  I fell behind on my NaNo word count this weekend so I’m trying to make up for that today and hopefully pass it. I’m really very close to reaching it.

This brings us up to a whopping 60k!  I’m over the hill (I think) and off to finishing the rest – though I’ve come up with a few things I feel I should go back and add as well.

I decided to change my tactic and hopefully go back to the way I used to do things by breaking the story up into chapters and focusing on them individually.  I used to always do it that way (mostly because I was posting and I would just write one chapter at a time) but it’s really better in the end. (As a side note, I always do both when editing anyway.  Take each chapter by itself and then read it as a whole).  It helps me keep it all together if I write it in a line like that. I know what comes next because I know what i just did.

I hope it works.

It’s not much of an update, but it’s all I’ve got for now.  Just know that it’s still moving along!


1 thought on “General Update

  1. Abby

    I fell behind on my weekend word count too. 😦 Anyway, I hope your new technique works out well.

    Also, I love the new banner for your blog! It looks so pretty!!! 😀


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