Terrain Issues, and Tiger Lily has a new name, maybe…

I thought I was about to really get going today with the downhill slope of the story, and then I found out that a main plot point I had picked out just can’t happen the way I want. Why?  Because of the way I described the land in Forsaken Dreamscape.  In that one, I had them going on this journey across the world that took days, and yet in this one I’m wanting them to swoop from their home to the natives’ camp in just a few minutes?  Not really going to work.

So, my only option is to completely rework what I intended to do, or else I just make the land  different in both books.  But why shouldn’t the terrain change from one book to the next? It’s a dream world, and there’s no reason why it should stay the same, especially since everything else has shifted.

Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I have to make a decision quickly so I can move on.

In some ways, working backward from what I already have makes things easier, and in other ways it makes things harder.  I can’t do anything that will affect the things that happen in the second book (though I am going to tweak a few things), but I can’t just go off in any direction that I want.  I have to keep it going in a line and meet up with what I already have.


So, one of the hardest characters for me to name has been Tiger Lily’s alter ego.  I’ve already described her character to you, but I haven’t given her a name, but now it’s come down to the line and here she is in front of me but she has no name.  I’ve had a name in my head for a little while, and though it feels right, I’m still fighting with it.  I’ve played with the idea of having the boys just take to calling her something, because she can’t speak English and so she can’t tell them what her real name is.  Or, I could give her a name and just refer to her as that. I still haven’t quite decided what I want to do, but the name in my head has remained the same.

I want to call her Little Raven, or of course just Raven for short at times, but there is another problem with that: then I have Wren and Raven – both bird names. In one sense, I don’t want to do this, but on the other hand, perhaps it could work out.  The differences between Wendy and Tiger Lily are important, and actually (especially the way I’m bringing it out in this book) it’s like they are opposites.  Giving them both bird names links them in a way, but we can see that they are clearly different types of girls.

What do you think?  Does this have agreeable symmetry, or should I keep trying to find something different? Or would you have even noticed if I hadn’t told you?

Oh, one more thing: I did get caught up with my word count yesterday.  It took a bit of doing, but I got it! =) So today I’m pressing on with new stuff to reach 10k of new material!


5 thoughts on “Terrain Issues, and Tiger Lily has a new name, maybe…

  1. M.D. Wyvern

    I have to say, I think naming Tiger Lily as Little Raven would prove to be a smart move. It would connect Wren to her in some ways. But it will always be up to the author, for you are never wrong, even if your fans don’t always like it.

  2. Abby

    Personally, I really like the name ‘Raven’ for Tiger Lily. I think it suits her, and also, I agree with M.D. Wyvern in that it links the two girls together.

  3. shan

    I hate to dissent, but I really don’t like it for her for some reason. Tiger Lily as a name has something to it that Little Raven somehow lacks. I also don’t like linking Wren and Raven. In original stories in particular, similar names (not just in sound) tend to mix for me. I’m not sure if having two different personalities would avoid it completely, but the name still doesn’t convey the mixture of haughty power and beauty that Tiger Lily does for me.

    But ultimately, it’s up to you, and I won’t get hung up on names :]

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      I do sort of agree with you, which is the root of my problem I guess. I do like the name Tiger Lily and I wish I could come up with something that has the same impact for me. I’m also not sure I like the bird thing. It’s not set in stone, and it doesn’t have to necessarily be a name like that – or a Native American type name at all, but nothing feels right somehow. I’m not sure. Maybe something better will come to me.

      Thanks to all for the comments. =)

  4. Isis

    I don’t really enjoy the thought of Little Raven, it just doesn’t have that spark Tiger Lily has. Depending on her character and the way she acts should be very important on her name. Or maybe thinking on how she was named and who named her would help. Maybe I’m not making sense, but I hope my horrible wisdom helps.

    Maybe the name, River Flo, or Little Aponi? I don’t know, just trying to help. 🙂


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