I remember the days when I could sit down at the computer and write 6,000 words in one go.  It might take me all day, but I managed to do it somehow.  On Monday, I wrote nearly 4,000 but it took me all day to do that!  It probably should have been more.  I think the main issue is that I had dial-up internet back then, and I could turn it off with a click – and somehow I had the power to do so.  Now that I’m constantly connected it is soooo easy to start clicking on other things, and before I know it I am wayyyy off base. I think that’s another thing that has made writing by hand work better.  I can think more clearly without wondering what is going on on Facebook, or if my friends are on Wattpad for a chat…but since NaNo started I’ve been working solely by computer, aside from what I manage to write at work.

It’s kind of tough.  And now to make it even worse, I have work all day, so I’m trying to nail my word count this morning – and to make it even MORE terrible, I have zombies on the brain because I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead lately and I can’t focus!

I’ll get it back.  I just have to focus on what I’m doing with this story and stop worrying about other things.  I’m so ready for it to be finished!

So! I’m up to 65k as of today. Also, I’m at a fun part in the book that I’m reallllly excited about – if only I can keep myself on track.  (See, I’m writing on the blog.  I am so unfocused!  But this is part of it too. :p)    I still haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with naming Tiger Lily’s character yet. I haven’t settled on anything. I’m also still having trouble with fight scenes, and unfortunately the scene I am on now and have been looking forward to is a fight.  But what can I expect?  I haven’t written any battles in a while.  In most of the horror stories I’ve been writing lately, I’ve focused more on atmosphere and mystery, and creepy things – not full-on battles. I guess that’s the trouble of being a multi-genre writer.  I haven’t been on this side of it in a couple of years!

It’s trying at times, but I am determined!  I can do this!


5 thoughts on “Distractions…

  1. Janie Torrez

    Yes, you can totally do this. I’m the same when it comes to battles. I stress and stress, but each time I manage to pull it off. Go Lani!!! 🙂

  2. Isis

    Maybe someday I’ll be able to write six thousand words a day. Two thousand is what I write on most days. I really enjoy your little blog you have here! 🙂


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