Me and Pan… We go way back

I’m not sure I’d say that Peter Pan is my favorite fairytale, though I guess it’s close to the top. I’d probably claim Alice in Wonderland for the top spot, but like most other girls, I did have a serious crush on Pan, and this goes back a looooong way.  I remembered this one day and I thought I’d share it with you. =)

Back when I was in kindergarten, we made these (some of you probably did too). We drew a picture on a round piece of paper and it was made into a plate. Well, this is my plate.  Yep, that’s right.  I think I was 5.  I remember drawing this, and I also remember what my teacher said to me. She asked me who that was over the rainbow and I told her it was Peter Pan, of course. Then she asked who the girl under it was. I said it was me, and she replied “But you aren’t blonde…”  Well, I was in my head, lady! I had this blonde wig I went around in all the time…but that’s another story entirely. (I think that yellow under the lowest arch of the rainbow is a magic portal, if you’re curious. :p)

What does this say about my psychology, I wonder. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to draw a picture of my family or something.  Clearly Peter Pan was more interesting to me at the time – and that endures today, obviously.  Have I always lived in a fairytale?  Yes, I think I have.

Also interesting: my Peter is blond. Was this inspired by Disney? I’m thinking no…where did it come from?  My Rifter is blond now too.  Perhaps I was predicting my claim to fame?  Hmmm… (haha)

I meant to post this earlier, but my mother is the keeper of this piece, and I kept forgetting about asking her for it.  Anyway, there is my childhood treasure.

And now my total word count is up to…..80k!! I’m so proud! I’ll be done in no time! I’ve got some more to work out, but I can see the end in the distance.  It’s looking good!


2 thoughts on “Me and Pan… We go way back

  1. Janie Torrez

    Haha…that’s too cute. I liked Peter Pan too but your Peter, is the only one I’d say, I had a crush on ;D
    Plus boys had cooties then too but I was more into the princesses. I wanted to be Snow White. I remember drawing a picture and writing a sentence for class. It was supposed to be me, on my birthday, but it was obvious, the girl was Snow White. Kids asked why my hair was short then. I said, “Oh my hair looked like Snow White’s then.” They believed me but obviously I didn’t. I had just had my birthday and my hair went down to my butt. 😀 If only I knew, the real Snow White had long hair. I would of really been smug, saying I looked like Snow White.

    BTW Congratulations again on the Watty Finals and your word count. I can’t wait for you to finish. So exciting.

    Ps…I like your Peter/Rifter’s hair blonde =)


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