Was stuck – now unstuck

I got hung up on one chapter for two days. I have been so distracted that I haven’t been able to stay on task long enough to actually write the scene I needed.  After I was finally able to do it, however, it came out to be the size of 2 chapters, so I think I’ll separate them.  It was a battle scene, so that added more to my trouble, but I’m glad to be past it now. Moving on.

I was distracted by playing with the movie maker program and trying to splice together a Nevermor movie to entertain myself. That stuff is addicting. I recommend not doing it, especially if you’re in the process of writing a book that you reallllly need to finish…

I sort of hoped to hit 100K this week…but there’s still time I guess. I think the book will be longer than that, but it’s a milestone anyway. =) I should be able to review a few more chapters before I run into another big hole, but I think the other holes will come nearer to the end, where I can just carry on with the story and FINISH!

Currently @ 96.8K, 44.5 of which are NaNo words. Yayyy! Maybe we’ll have another excerpt or something soon, and only another week til the drawing for the mug!

*Correction* I was wrong about not finding any more holes for a while. I have to write another action scene directly in the next chapter. Crap.


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