Win NaNo – check!

I got my 50K for NaNo on Monday night. Yayyyyy! Somehow it didn’t feel quite as satisfying as I thought it might…but once I finish the book then I’ll be happy I think, even though I have a long road of edits and rewrites ahead of me. I’m still aiming to finish the book by the end of the week, even if there are a few holes and even if I totally half-ass parts of it, if I can just get that first draft down, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  After that, I may fill in a couple more holes that I left in there, and then I’m going to take a break and read Forsaken Dreamscape again, maybe tweak it a little, and make sure I didn’t contradict myself in any major way. (i don’t think I did, but it will be good to check the events and characters and make sure I didn’t mess anything up.)

During that time, I’m going to let a couple of friends of mine read it as it is – one has been with me on this and she totally supports my ideas for changing it, but at the same time I haven’t actually told her any details about the new book. She only knows what you know, so it should be new to her. The other says that Neverland is her favorite of my works and has been a complete skeptic about the whole name change thing from day one. She also knows nothing about the book. I feel that if I can win her over, I shouldn’t have a problem with anyone else.  I’m hoping to get approval from both of them and some good feedback (and maybe some testimonials for you). If I don’t, I may have more work on my hands than I thought…  I’m determined not to give you guys a pile of garbage.

After all that and spending some time away from Nevermor, it will be serious editing time! Hopefully I can go back to it with new eyes and fix what needs to be fixed.

In addition to all this good news, I’m already cooking up a few ideas for a third book!  I haven’t got much yet, but to know that there is a little bit of an idea there is reassuring.

Maybe I can also get some more writing advice put up.  Even when the writing of the book ends, this blog won’t be halted. I still plan to keep up with it and post on the editing and publishing process, and just whatever else I can pertaining to this project.  Thanks again to all my followers. It is good to have your support!

Now at 105K! Pressing on!


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