Nailed It! – finishing and feeling awesome about it

While I’m still not really “done” or “finished” (who came up with those concepts anyway?) I did write the ending last night, and I have to say, it felt pretty good. When you get to the end of something and you write that last little piece and final sentence, you get this rush of excitement. If you just want to burst out with the words: “Nailed it!” and then have a mini dance party, you know that you did a good job. I have finished things before and I didn’t get that feeling; that meant that it needed more work. But if you can tie it up and know that the ending wraps up everything that you wanted to accomplish, that it sets the mood you want to end with and makes you feel good about the whole project, you know that the time you spent writing it wasn’t a waste!

So, I’m feeling good!  Another thing that makes me feel good is the grand finale of this book. It’s at least as epic as the final battle in Forsaken Dreamscape, and that’s excellent because I think that was my favorite part of it. I think I also managed to make the ending of Nevermor not so much of a downer as I had thought it would have to be, but yet it leaves things up in the air to make way for the next one.

I’m still hoping to get more of it worked on tonight for the official last day of NaNo, even though I conquered that already. I was hoping to say it was finished by the end of the night, but it will at least be close!

Tomorrow starts a new month: editing month – I mean, December.  It’s also the day for the mug drawing! Most of you US residents have probably already filled out the form, but if not, you have one more day to do it.

Currently at 110.5 and closing in!


3 thoughts on “Nailed It! – finishing and feeling awesome about it

  1. Abby

    Wooo! 😀 I’m sure it will take a while to edit it, but it will be worth it in the end. I can’t WAIT to finally get a copy of your book in my hands, so no pressure!

    I’m joking, take all the time you need. But remember that your readers are always supporting you. 🙂

  2. shan

    Yay!! Congrats!

    Oh btw, may I please beg that you don’t take down Forsaken even after you change it into an original fic? I still think Forsaken is amazing as a fanfiction, and enjoy rereading it. I’m not sure if you had plans to take it down, but just saying =P

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      I do have plans of taking it down. It won’t be the same story in the same context anymore (even though of course it will be the same story) but it’s not going to be Peter Pan, so it won’t be posted as a fanfic. My whole intention in doing this is so that I can make it something I’m more proud of, and also so I can sell it, so no, I’m doing away with the old version….probably not my own files, but it will be removed from free online reading for the most part.


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