Slacking on the blog, but not on the story

I know I’m a little behind in my posting.  I said I was going to post another excerpt soon and some writing advice, but I just haven’t gotten it together yet.  Things have slowed down significantly as I’m trying to fill in holes and make sure all the events are in order. Some of the chapters had to be completely reworked, and the closer I get to the end, the more holes I’m going to find, I’m afraid. But that’s just part of it. I think I have reworked some of the bits with main information, so maybe all I have to do now is just make sure the passages are connected.

It’s kind of funny though: I wanted to think I was done but I’m actually just now filling in the spaces so that I can START editing. I’m editing just a little as I go, but the whole document has to be complete before I really get into it. I really want this done by the first of the year.

On my way to the end, I’m currently editing Chapter 28 out of 40 (not counting the pro and epi, which are pretty short). I’m hoping to have the whole thing flowing together by next week so my beta readers can have a look. I’ll continue to edit during that time and maybe they will tell me it’s great. haha  I’ll be letting you know.

Current word count is 116.8K in total.  I’ve added a bit. =) I’ll pick a new excerpt or something eventually…maybe something a little further into the story…


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