Making it through December

Whew, I’m starting to feel bogged down. I feel like I’m just spinning in place with my editing. I’m not, but having to stop and add some things as I go – and otherwise deal with life at the same time – is slowing it down. Maybe I can cover some ground today.

It’s been 3 months since I’ve been working on this! Maybe a little bit longer, actually. That’s quite a while to be so focused on one thing, but I will prevail! I wanted it done by the first of the year, but if I can just get it all in one piece, I think I can be happy with that. I’ll do at least one more round of edits after this one – possibly after taking a short break to refresh my poor brain.

Christmas has slipped up on me and I’m wayyy behind in that arena, but ah well.  This is a little more important!

I’m here at 129K and trying to make it grow. =)

If you missed the last excerpt because you got an email too early a couple of days ago, don’t forget to check that out. I’m also working on a second volume to Dialogue for Dummies that deals with multiple characters, and I’ve been writing up a summary of my publishing gameplan so that you all will know what to expect soon.

I’m curious and I’d like to ask you a question: How many of you looking at this blog are planning to get a copy of Nevermor? I’m going to assume that if you’re following the blog, you’re interested. I want to see what I should look into as far as my publishing plan. You don’t have to say anything publicly, just click the button below. Thanks!

Are you planning to purchase a copy of Nevermor?


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