Official Description

I’ve whittled down my official description for the book, and I think I’ve finally settled on a solid one. I had two or three going with different tones (one was pretty much my World of Nevermor description; another was much lengthier) but I think this one probably best describes the flow of the book, how it begins and goes along, and what it’s about.


LONDON, 1873 – In the foggy city, polluted by coal smoke from the factories along the river, 15-year-old Wren is clinging to a small thread of hope: the shimmering silver dream of a better life.

Wren and her brothers, Henry and Max, are orphans.  They wish to be adopted, but no one wants to take in all three of them.  Wren won’t be separated from her family, but no matter how hard she fights to keep them together, she fears she will lose them nonetheless.  Henry grows more distant by the day, and Wren worries about how young Max will be affected if he continues along the path of this hard life.

She wants more for both of them – for herself.  She wants an escape.

Prompted by a world she sees in a dream, Wren begins to tell her brothers stories of a place where they can be carefree forever – a place called Nevermor.  It is an island at the edge of the universe, where all dreams go.  There is a boy who guards it, and he is known only as the Rifter.  Wren believes that this place truly exists and desires her own life there, where she can keep her family together without anyone tearing them apart.

But Wren gets more than she bargained for when she is kidnapped by the arrogant and volatile Rifter and taken to Nevermor against her will.  It is not completely unwelcome, however.  The land is beautiful and there is freedom.  The Rifter and his pack of wild boys accept her, and she feels that her brothers will be happy in this place too.

Wren falls in love with Nevermor – and with the Rifter – and yet the more she learns of the conflict between the Rifter and a wicked man called the Scourge, the more she comes to realize that Nevermor is not a place for children.

Nevermor is a dark fantasy based on the legend of Peter Pan. 



What do you think? Does it flow well? Does it get your attention?

Today I’m working by hand to fill in the “final battle” portion of the book to get that completed. I haven’t been able to concentrate properly on the computer lately so I’m going at it old school again. 130K though, and still getting bigger.

Once I get it ready for my next round of edits, I’m planning to use a writing program called Scrivener, which I’ve never used before. I’m looking forward to that though. I think I’ll like it and I’ll let you know how that goes.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news! I hope to announce that I’m finished soon! (I know I’ve been saying that, but really this time!  I have a deadline! 😛


4 thoughts on “Official Description

  1. Abby

    I like the description! 😀 I don’t think it’s completely necessary to add in the bit about it being based on Peter Pan, but hey, you’re the author! The description definitely grabs my attention, and that’s the main thing for me.

  2. Janie Torrez

    I really like this, Lani. I just read the excerpt too. I wish I knew more of what’s going on, but I still enjoyed it. And I definitely plan on purchasing, when you publish. Particularly a hardcover copy. Great job!

  3. Fran Abigail

    The description definitely grabbed my attention! I love how it matches and flows with the main plot.

    I’m dying to know when you’re going to announce the release date. I hope it’s soon though.


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