The Official Nevermor Book Trailer is here!

Eeeee! I can’t say how excited I am about this!!!! *ahem* Let me try again:

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!  There, I was able to say it after all.

This may be, perhaps, the biggest thing that will happen before I push the publish button.  Well…maybe. It only feels like that right now.  Anyway, it is, like I said, very exciting.

I’ve been working on this trailer for the past few days, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of work that went into this! It seems so simple and it’s so short, but it took a lot of effort to get everything just right – to find the perfect images and sounds, and then get them to line up! But it’s very cool. It makes me feel all professional and junk. :p (if you want to see the list of sounds I used and where I got them, check out the listing on the Youtube page where I gave credit)

Here’s a little update before you go running off to watch the video: I’m still filling in story holes, but I got two filled in today! That’s an accomplishment. I’m at 136K and still pressing right along. I got some really fun software for Christmas – Dragon Voice recognition. It’s pretty cool. I’m not too good at writing by saying it out loud. I think that I come up with the last part of my sentences while I’m still typing the first part, but this will really come in handy for typing out what I write by hand, because I won’t have to do anything except read it. hehe That will save me a lot of time.

I hope everyone who was celebrating had a great holiday!  Now, enjoy the video! (make sure the quality is set to HD!) And like it and share it if you’re so inclined! That’s very important, since the real purpose of making this is for marketing!


2 thoughts on “The Official Nevermor Book Trailer is here!

  1. Hillary B.

    Oh cool can’t wait I’m super excited. I’ve been a fan of your work since u were writing forsaken dreamscape the first time lol. Btw I know it sounds silly but I’m in the movie business. Well I just began in the industry actually, but I’m a screenwriter, director, producer, and art director. (U have to be a bit of everything to get anywhere lol) Anyway I was wondering if u were up to working together sometime on writing screenplays to a few of your tales. The nutcracker bleeds is my fave and would love to pitch that story as a movie, but I’m also quite fond of your Pan tale and can’t wait to read this one. I can also do quite a bit of the art direction for pitching as well, but its still a little early. However if your up to it sometime email me back and we can talk. 🙂


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