Win an ebook copy of Nevermor!

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It’s that time again: contest time!  This time I’m giving away free copies of Nevermor!

Here’s how it’s going to work: For every 20 entries, there will be one winner. So, if I have 100 entries, I will give away 5 copies. (I haven’t decided on the format yet. It will be either Kindle or Smashwords.) The best news?  This contest is available to everyone! It doesn’t matter what country!  Tell your friends about the contest and they can enter too! (A winner will not be chosen out of every group of 20, but winners will be chosen at random at the end, based on the amount of total entries.)

To enter, I’d like you to fill out the form below, but there’s a catch this time. To qualify, you have you share. Share either this blog page or my book trailer, and paste the link where you shared it on the form. Without proof that you shared, your entry won’t count. You can share it wherever you like. Post it on your Wattpad page (you can even use the image to the side to link back here) or Facebook, mention me on Twitter. It doesn’t have to be this particular link. Just mention me and my book somewhere, and link back to the blog. Anywhere at all!

Here’s another catch: if you want to share it more than once in different places, or on different days, I’ll put your name in the pot again! But! You can only count as an individual once. So, if you share 20 times yourself, you will not be guaranteed a copy, but you’ll just have your name in 20 times, increasing your chances. (Each time you share, fill out the form again and send me the link so that I can verify. And I will!) I’m going to chose the winners and announce them just before I publish the book, so you will be informed before it is available to buy, and you’ll get your copies as soon as it is available.

That’s all.  Good luck!

Entry Information: To enter, fill out the form below.  The contest will run until the book is published (TBA).  Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on the blog on the day of release. Please enter with a name you won’t mind being publicly mentioned on this blog. Winner will be contacted by the email provided below and must respond to me within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.  After that, the gift copies or codes will be sent through email AFTER the winner has responded to my initial message. (Rules subject to change)


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