New Year – New Beginning

It’s a new year, and I’m determined that it’s going to be a productive one for me and my career as a writer. I’ve grown tired of waiting for agents and publishers, and I’m taking things into my own hands with Nevermor, and hopefully more to come.

My banner signifies this new dawn in January 2013. I’m excited to see what happens for me this year!

I’m still rolling with my edits. I’ve made it my goal to at least finalize 5 chapters a day, but I’m struggling with it already! Some will go faster than others though; I’m sure of it.  So far, chapters 1-10 have been finalized – in theory. That’s good, except yesterday I was supposed to get to 15…and all I did was catch up from 9 and get through 10. Ah well. I did write 2 new sections and things are still improving. I don’t know what the word count is because I broke it into chapters again, but I’m feeling better about the story as a whole all the time. After this round, I’m going to read through it one more time just to double-check myself for spelling, but I think we’ll be ready to go after that! I’m excited! I’m ready to give it to the world and see how it does!

Also, I’ll remind you that the voting for the Watty Awards begins today! So get those votes in for Forsaken Dreamscape.  Go to Community, Watty Awards, and find my story under Adventure, On the Rise. I just went in and voted myself, and when I did, it showed me how my story was doing… I’ve only got 12% of the vote right now! One story has 62%! So, if you feel like it, get in there and help me out. :p Also…Wattpad seems to have screwed up. The same stories are listed in On the Rise AND Undiscovered Gems, but my story is supposed to be in On the Rise… They need to get that fixed. The vote is going to be really screwy.

On another note, I appreciate everyone who is sharing the blog and book trailer to register for the contest.  It makes me feel great to see all these shares! If you haven’t signed up for that yet, do so! You want to win, don’t you? 😉

I have a long day of editing ahead of me.  Yay for holidays!  here I go again!


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