Feeling like the Energizer Bunny…is that even a thing anymore?

Still editing and trying not to get distracted. I’m on Chapter 17 this morning, and though it might be a quick read, I know I’m going to be adding a bit to the next couple of chapters. I should be further along by now. I haven’t kept to my 5 chapters a day goal, but I was a little busier this week than usual. Hopefully I can make up for it next week.

I really love seeing all the sharing that’s going on. I think it has drawn some new people in, so I want to thank you for that. The blog is getting steady visitation and my book trailer has gotten over 220 views, so that’s really great. I’m also getting more Facebook likes so I’m glad of that too! Maybe this thing is going to catch on!

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I’m still wondering about my publishing gameplan, but I guess that after I finish this round of edits, I can take a break and make some decisions. I’m also working on ideas for how I can market it better. I really want to branch out and reach more than just Wattpad and Fictionpress readers – even though all of you are extremely important and I couldn’t do it without you! :p

My brain had some really great ideas for the third book yesterday, and if I go with what I was thinking, then the third book will be the last book. I thought I might go to four volumes, but a trilogy is looking like all I’ll be able to get out of it. I like what I’ve come up with so far, but I can’t tell you yet. :p  I wanted to at least have some ideas for the third book before I put this one out so that I can see where I’m headed based on this book and what I need to do to the second one to make it fit.

I still don’t have a wordcount update because I’m still working on chapters individually before I compile them again, but I have added a bit. We’ll see!


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