Another day, another page edited

I’m on Chapter 25 now! It’s a fairly important one so I didn’t want to rush it or risk working on it when I was sleepy last night, so I opened the document today with new eyes. But being this far means that I’m getting closer! Only 15 more and the epilogue to go!

I think I dreamed that I posted the preview chapters on Wattpad, so I must be getting anxious. Only, I don’t think it went like I wanted in the dream, so maybe the dream was warning me not to get too anxious… I don’t know. I’m also pretty sure there were zombies. Dreams are strange.

My Watty Award status hasn’t changed in several days… I’m still holding strong between 18-20% of the votes. Even as new votes are added, I’m not gaining ground. I thought I was doing well by switching to the Adventure category, but I probably should have stayed in horror… That’s alright though. It is as it is. I do think more people are being drawn to the story simply because it is in the running, so that is help enough. I don’t really care if I win or not. I have publishing on my mind. However, I do know someone who REALLY wants to win, so of you haven’t used up all your votes yet, you might hop over there and vote for Rosco Leroy’s The Fisherman’s Niece under the Thriller/Undiscovered Gems category. I helped her edit that book, and I really enjoyed reading it myself. Check it out. =)

So, it’s the 7th. I wanted to have this done already so I could publish this month, and I’ll still try to hold to that. If not, there is always February. I’m moving on toward completion, but I think I’ll need to read it at least one more time, just to be safe. This time, I’m supposed to be getting everything in working order, so hopefully the next round won’t take too long.

I know I’ve promised some more writing advice and things, and I’ll still get to that. I also have a few other surprises up my sleeve! :O But those are for later. Just know that I’m still working. Maybe I can knock out these last chapters this week and be done with it!



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