Short Stories first, Nevermor later (but not much later)

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to release a short story or two on Kindle to pave the way for Nevermor. The main reason I’m doing this is because if I publish on Kindle and enroll in the KDP select program, I can promote this short book for free for 5 days. People eat up free books. This way, I can get a sample of my work out to people who don’t even know I exist, and tease them with a little bit of Nevermor at the same time. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I’m going to see what it does for me.

Okay! So what is in this small collection?  It will include two short stories, a couple of poems, and a portion of Nevermor. Basically, it’s an introduction to Lani Lenore.

No one from Wattpad has seen my short stories, and even if you’ve followed me from fictionpress, you probably still haven’t seen these! :O

One is called Ill… (that’s ‘i-L-L’) which I wrote a few years ago to go in a small ‘storybook’ I published with Blurb, which centered on the Nine Little Girls poem, but I didn’t get many sales, mainly because the price of it was so high. (It just cost too much to print because it was in color) Anywho, only people who have a copy of that book have seen that story, but I’ve been told that it’s a good one. Here is a brief description of it:

ILL: A Love Story – Veronica is ill.  All believe that she will die like the others, but one day a healer comes to her bedside and manages to cure her.  Smitten with him, Veronica decides to follow him.  She convinces herself that it is love – until the day finally comes when she discovers she may not know his motives as well as she thought.

There is also another story I was thinking of including, which NO ONE has ever seen.  It’s called The Tale of the Tangle, otherwise known as ‘the bunny story’. Just trust me on this.

As for Nevermor, you’re getting the first 4 chapters – which comes to a whopping 16,000+ words! It should be enough to really get people started with it, and hopefully leave them wanting more. The whole book is at least 25K.

So! To drum up some publicity for Nevermor, I’m planning to publish this small collection on Kindle. This will go for 2.99 in the Kindle store, and will hopefully be posted soon – like as soon as tomorrow possibly. If you want to buy it to help me out, that’s fine. Consider it a donation. But you don’t have to. I’m going to set it up for a free day as soon as I can so you can all download a copy for nothing. =)

However, if you have Amazon Prime, I encourage you to borrow it from the KDP library, because you can read it for free and I still get a bit of money from that. =)

If you get it for free, however, I still ask you to help me out by rating and reviewing it on Kindle. This is very important! It doesn’t have to be a lot, or even be wordy or profound, but I just need some positive feedback to be there. Even having reviews for this story that I intend to put out for free is extremely important in helping get Nevermor noticed!

Once I get this done, I’ll be able to go back to Nevermor and start picking through it again. Hopefully it will be ready to go in a few weeks as well. I can’t confirm a date until I’m certain that it’s ready. For now, I hope this small collection and preview will tide you over. 😉


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