First free day – success!

Once Upon a Darkened MindThanks to all of you who downloaded this little book of mine, and special thanks to those who shared it and reviewed it! I had over 200 downloads in the US and a few others scattered across other countries. I appreciate the help! You guys are great!

In case you missed it, I’m doing another free day on SATURDAY 1/19! Hopefully that will be a big day for sales. Maybe more people will come around looking for books on the weekend.

I’m glad that several of you have already enjoyed it, and I hope the rest of you do too! I’ve had several positive remarks! The main thing I am happy about is that the new characters are being received so well! I didn’t really doubt them. They are good characters, but I have been worried that people would be able to accept the name changes. If you haven’t started reading it yet, please do approach it with an open mind, as if you are reading a completely new book, and just let it take you away!

I was told by one person that Amazon wasn’t letting them leave a comment. If that happened for you, Please!, don’t give up on it. I really need those ratings and reviews. It’ll be the difference from my stories standing out or slipping away into the sea of other indie books. Also, if you leave a comment, do feel free to mention the short stories too. :p


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