Release Info for NEVERMOR

Alrighty, still editing, but I’m over halfway, formatting as I go, and I’ve decided on a release date! This is unless I hit a major setback or else something happens in my life and I can’t make it happen. But I’m ready to commit at this point.

The release date for Nevermor on Kindle is Tuesday, February 12th.

The contest for free copies will run until the 11th, and then I will chose a winner so that the winner can be informed and can download right away. =) Just a heads-up: while I’ve had multiple entries by some people, I only have 21 individuals on the list, which means at this point that I will be giving away only 1 copy. Help me out my encouraging others to enter, whether they’ve heard of Nevermor or not! That’s part of it. =)

The book is going to be available on Kindle first, and then it will eventually be available on Smashwords as well, but only Kindle in the beginning. In case you’re wondering, the book will probably never be promoted as free like ONCE UPON A DARKENED MIND, because I’m not planning on enrolling it in that particular promotional program. After all that, I’m going to see about bringing it into print, and also start on my rewrites on Forsaken Dreamscape.

Hmm…I guess that’s all I’ve got to inform you of at this point.

Excited! (If I can get these edits kicked.)

I also wanted to share a few things that people have been saying about NEVERMOR so far:

“If possible, I find myself even more attached to the world of Nevermor and Wren. I have eagerly been awaiting the release of Nevermor….Wren has taken on a personality more genuine and believable than I anticipated.”

“Amazing!! Absolutely amazing! I cannot wait until Nevermor is published, I will certainly be purchasing it!!!”

“The characters were immediately lovable, even the very cocky Rifter. The settings and overall feel were very believable….It was all that I had hoped for!!! ….It was well worth my time, and now I can’t wait to get the full edition!!”

“Got me hooked on the first Chapter!”

Thanks to all of you who have been reviewing ONCE UPON A DARKENED MIND on Kindle, and I hope more of you will join in! It’s very important. after all!! Can’t wait for all of you to read NEVERMOR!


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