Hard at Work

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but that’s because I’m hard at work on my editing. I hope to get that finished up this week, and then I can spend the rest of my time on fine tuning before the release on February 12th!

As I’ve been reading through it, I find myself stuck to the story, even though I wrote it and know what’s going on, so I hope that’s a good sign for what readers will think. 🙂 Most people that I’ve heard from seem pleased with the Nevermor preview – even though I suppose there could be a lot of people out there who don’t like it but just haven’t said anything… Ah well. I think it’s good. I’m happy what I’ve done with the story, and I feel that I’ve done it justice. I suppose that’s the most important thing, in the end. I set out to do what I intended and I made the story my own.

Anyway, I haven’t slipped off the grid. I’ve just been busy, as you might expect.

I’d like to remind you to please check out ONCE UPON A DARKENED MIND, and if you’ve already done that, please go back on Amazon and rate and review it. Seriously, the review doesn’t have to be profound. But basically, I need you guys. I suppose I’m fortunate to have started with a little fanbase before trying to publish, but you all are pretty much my lifeline to reaching new people.  So far, I only have 7 reviews on DARKENED MIND, which is nice, but I’ll definitely be hoping for more than that on Nevermor when it is released. Very very important!

Well, it’s not much, but that’s your small update for now.


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