Book Extras for Nevermor

I got through my edits and everything looks good! I hope we are error free!! But just in case, yes, I’m reading it AGAIN and tweaking it one last time before the release. I’ve also got a friend on the case, so hopefully between the two of us we can have it looking pretty good.

Only 12 more days!!!

Well, as you know, the book will be available through Kindle at first, but from there I will work on preparing the document for Smashwords (unless I change my mind), and from there, I’ll be working on bringing it to print! But first, Kindle. There is something special about the Kindle version, in that it allows the addition of Book Extras that can be accessed directly though the ebook through a service called Shelfari. So on top of making sure that the book is ready, I’ve also been compiling some extras.

So far, these things may not include a lot of information that you won’t get in the book, though I tried add some. Anyway, but they include:

  • Character descriptions
  • Settings and locations
  • Glossary of world terms
  • Quotes
  • Summary
  • themes and symbolism

And whatever else I’m able to cram in there. Another cool thing about it is that I’m pretty sure that you can interact with it. So if you see a quote you like while you’re reading, you can go on Shelfari and add it! Pretty neat, huh?

That’s all I’ve got for now. I plan to have another post for you tomorrow. Until then! 🙂


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