A Special Note to Forsaken Fans/ I Must be Crazy…

Special Note to Forsaken Fans:

Today is Friday. Only a few more days and Nevermor will be in your hands – on your Kindle, in your hands. As you read and enjoy it and love it even more than Forsaken Dreamscape, and then as you finish it and go back to review it, please do me one favor!!

Don’t mention anything about the plot of Forsaken Dreamscape in your reviews, and furthermore, don’t tell anyone who might be reading this for the first time!! You are charged with secrecy.

I don’t know when Forsaken will see the world, but as you can imagine, there is a lot to do and it won’t be soon. I need to stretch this one as far as I can and make the series last a while to draw in more readers. So! just keep those things to yourself, if you would. 🙂

Also, try to look at this story with a clean slate and don’t judge it directly against Forsaken, because it’s not going to line up perfectly until I get back into the second book and do some rewrites. As I said, it will remain largely the same, but I’ll have to change a few things. For the better, of course.


I must be crazy…

Observe this conversation that I had with my brain the other day:

Brain: Psst! Hey you!

Me: Me?

Brain: Yeah, you. Listen, Nevermor is good and all, but you know there’s more to this story that’s not in the book, right? How about we right a novella to describe the events before the book started!

Me: …You do know I just spent the last 4.5 months writing this one, right? And I wrote it to go in front of the other one. I’m pretty sure you were there. I mean I think you were there…

Brain: Yeahhhh I was in and out. But listen, that was fun, right? And the story! It’s there! See, this is what we do… *shares secret writing plan*

Me: :O Yesss, I see what you’re saying. I think we could do this. You should come around more often, Brain.

*This has been a dramatization. Any resemblance to brains living or dead is purely coincidental.*

Clearly it didn’t happen exactly this way. My brain is a little pushier in person. But nevertheless, I’m actually thinking of doing this. Not sure if/when it will happen, but I was already thinking of writing a few more Nevermor stories to sort of fill in gaps that aren’t included in the trilogy, and also to draw out the space between each of the books. =)

I kind of like the idea so far – unless brain and I get in a fight.


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