NEVERMOR is out NOW! / Contest Winner!! / more about the new cover!!

FINALLY! Nevermor has arrived! Does it seem like it’s been forever, or not very long at all?  Either way, all my hard work has finally paid off! I’m so excited to have published it, also to have all of you read it. I feel that we’ve all been through this together, and that’s why I dedicated this book to all of you! Observe:

This book is dedicated to all my fans who have stood by me, and to anyone who’s ever dreamed – even if it was a bit dark and twisted.

That’s the inscription inside the book. 🙂  Because I couldn’t do this without your support!


Contest Winner!!: As you know, I held a contest to give away a free Kindle edition of the book. The number of entrants allows me to give away one copy, and I am pleased to announce the winner of that contest presently!

The winner of the free Nevermor ebook is…………..




Congratulations!!! And I hope you enjoy it!!


For the rest of you, not all is lost. The Nevermor Kindle edition is currently only $4.99, and there’s no time like the present!

This Kindle Edition book is chock-full of extras – from character and location descriptions, quotes, and more! (At least, I entered the extras, but they haven’t shown up yet unfortunately. Maybe it just needs some time.) But that’s not all!

Check out the amazing new book cover image done by Omri Koresh! Nevermor-KindleBasically, he took the initial idea I had and made it so much more amazing! I’ve been so excited for this since he started showing me the progress images, and it turned out so perfect that I don’t think I could have imagined it better! I think this image sets the right tone for the book. It shows the lovely side and the dark side of Nevermor. The little details are amazing (did you notice the fairy light shining through the leaf coat??) He worked from my descriptions of Rifter and Whisper, and I think they turned out pretty accurate.

This will be the image I use for the printed book whenever the time comes, but that’s a bit later! For now, I hope you all enjoy the ebook!

I could probably ramble on further, but I’m sure you’d rather be reading!

Just one more comment and I’ll shut-up: just because Nevermor is finally out, this blog is not over!! I still have 2 more books to go!

Here is the link for the Kindle store! I hope you love Nevermor as much as when it was Peter Pan (and hopefully more!)


5 thoughts on “NEVERMOR is out NOW! / Contest Winner!! / more about the new cover!!

  1. Fran Abigail

    I just downloaded the kindle app on my phone and it said that kindle titles are not available in Malaysia. I wanted to buy it but I can’t since I’m living in Malaysia. 😦

    I guess I’ll just have to wait for the print version…

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      I’m sorry to hear that! Kindle is expanding all the time though. Not long ago, they added India and Japan distribution, so hopefully they will keep going with that.

      But I’m working on other formats for the book, so hopefully you will be able to get your hands on it in some form or another!


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