It’s Not Over Yet! Nevermor is branching out!

So, now that Nevermor has been released on Kindle, what’s next? I’m glad you asked. I’ve spent this week editing (again) and making decisions on what direction I want to go in next. I’ve decided that the top priority is making Nevermor available to as many people as I can through as many channels as possible, so the next thing on my list is expanding the eBook reach.

As soon as I’m done with this editing round (about halfway through and hopefully this is the absolute FINAL round) I’m planning on setting up Nevermor on Smashwords. Why Smashwords? Well, because it’s simple, it’s free, and Smashwords will distribute (within a few weeks) to other major eBook sellers such as Nook, Apple store and so on. I could set all of these up individually myself, but I was finally reminded of the reason why I didn’t want to mess with that: the dreaded EPUB file conversion.

Setting up a file on Kindle is super easy, and fixing it for Smashwords is only a tiny bit more complicated. From there, Smashwords has a program called ‘the meat grinder’ which will take your file and convert it to EPUB and other formats. … Hopefully it won’t look like something a machine chewed up and spit back out. But this is the quickest, easiest way for me to get the book out there. International distribution is also very important to me. I know that some of my fans are not in the US, so I’m going to look into making it available in as many countries as I can!

Then! With the final version at the ready, I’m going to go through CreateSpace to set the book up as a paperback! (Exciting!) This process might take a while for me to set up, get a proof copy (which I’ll have to read AGAIN) but with any luck the paperback will be available within the next month or two for you to purchase!

Hardback version? Possibly. But that’s later.

My choices for the direction I’m taking are based on how Nevermor has done this first week, and where I have decided to focus my monetary effort. I have chosen to go cheaply (out of pocket) for the printing/distribution and focus my money on marketing. Having 500 copies of a book printed won’t do me any good if no one knows it exists.

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If you are currently reading Nevermor, I want to remind you: please PLEASE write me up a review for Amazon! It’s soooo important that I get reviews and ratings on there! The number of reviews is possibly even more important than having GOOD reviews. Please don’t forget!! And don’t be shy about it!


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