Nevermor is now on Smashwords! (Tomorrow, the world!)

Just spent allll day getting Nevermor ready for Smashwords and I finally managed to get it done! So, Nevermor is now on Smashwords! 😛

If you are one who wasn’t able to get the Kindle version, perhaps this will help you out. Smashwords has many formats that you can choose from to put on many devices from Kindle to Nook, to files you can read on PC or Mac. I tried to read up on the countries of distribution for these things, but I’m still a little bit in the dark. All I can tell you is to try it out if you weren’t able to get the Kindle version before.

I can’t say a lot about my experience with Smashwords so far, except that the things I had to do to prep my manuscript for their ‘meatgrinder’ were downright appalling. But I tried to follow their style guide down to the letter, and I think I came out with a pretty respectable document. It converted to EPUD format nicely, which is important for many retailers. The book is for sale on Smashwords currently, but as soon as I add an ISBN I can expand my distribution to most major retailers, which is very cool. Prepping it for Kindle was easier BY FAR, however.

Well, I’ve taken one more step to get my book out there. It’s been exciting and gratifying, but there has been so much to do! If I had a publisher behind me, I would at least have someone to be doing some of this marketing stuff for me. It’s neverending, but it’s pretty fun too. I’ll keep working! I have to see this through!

I want to remind you once again, and I know I harp on this, but if you are reading PLEASE leave a review on the site where you buy it from! Don’t just tell me personally –

Next! I get ready for PRINT!!

Additionally, I updated the Kindle version, smoothed it out a bit more and corrected a few mistakes. Hopefully I’ll get some news about that soon and those of you who have already purchased it will be able to get yours updated within the next few weeks. If you buy it new from the Kindle store, you will get the updated version, but if you have already purchased it, you’ll have to wait until I hear back from the people who judge whether or not my changes are big enough to send you an email about it or not…


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