Preparing for a new quest: Forsaken Dreamscape

As I work toward bringing Nevermor into print, I decided to go ahead and compile all my files for editing Forsaken Dreamscape. I was supposed to have already done this, and actually I meant to go back and read Forsaken while I was working on Nevermor, but it just didn’t happen. I was afraid my work in Forsaken would corrupt what I was currently doing, and so I neglected to read it at the time. But the time is coming when I have to dig in, and that time might as well be now.

It’s a bit daunting.

All I can think is that this effort is going to be a lot like gardening. I have to go through everything and weed out the things that I don’t need anymore/the things that are no longer true. I then have to find places to plant new seeds so that the story can grow. I already have several ideas and think I have a grasp on some of the things I need to change, but it’s just the matter of doing it.

Up until now, I’ve thought about going over it several times, but the idea of it all has completely overwhelmed me. It’s one thing to be staring at a blank page, faced with writing something fresh, but another when I’m looking at a tangle I’ve already created and wondering how to fix it.  Once again the image of a garden comes to mind. This novel is a completely overgrown garden of words and I don’t really know where to begin.

I don’t plan on talking about this one too much right now (one, because some of you may not have finished Nevermor, and two, because I want you to be surprised by the new changes later.) but here are a few things that you can expect:

  • The first several chapters will be rewritten (possible complete rewrites. I’ve always meant to do this but I’ve been too lazy. I’ve always hated the first bit!)
  • A much better character on Wren (Wendy’s) end and better character building all the way around.
  • New adventures and events (and some of the old ones will be changed somewhat)
  • The book will be longer. I’m not sure how much longer, but yes, longer!

So those are some things you can look forward to. But don’t expect it anytime soon! The way I see it in my head, I want to be sure I have complete control over the third book before I release the second, so it could be a while. I’ll keep you updated through, of course.

I haven’t decided which is harder: writing a completely new book from scratch, or trying to rework one that has already been finished. So far, I’ve had several people who have read Nevermor tell me that they really want to read the second book after finishing the first – which is excellent, since they’ve already read it! I’m sure you’re all anxious to see the changes, however.

It’s going to be so much better! I can’t wait! …now if I can just get started…


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