New Updates: Exciting News!

This blog hasn’t exactly been jumping lately, but I’ve been really busy with so many things as far as promoting Nevermor, and I haven’t even put a dent in what I’d like to do! Still, I’ve made progress in a good direction and wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to.

First, it’s been 2 weeks since the release and I’ve seen some decent sales so far. I met my sales goal for the first week, and they’ve sort of been trickling in beyond that.  As far as my budget, I have not quite made back what I put into it (including everything from the new cover to a bit of advertising) but I’ve made part of it back. And I won’t hate on the cover, because I think it was worth it. :p Hopefully it will catch up eventually, or at least let me break even by the second book. That’s my plan, at least.

I made the book available on Smashwords and recently approved it for further eBook distribution through their sales channels, which should come to be within the next few weeks, or sooner. These channels include: Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry, and Baker and Taylor. (Apple may take the longest because they review theirs manually.) So if you have been unable to get it through Kindle but you use another of these services, hopefully the book will be made available to you soon.

And for the most exciting thing… My files for print have been approved, and I just ordered a proof copy!! I am soooo excited about this! You know what that means! Nevermor is coming to print! The cover (front and back) looks so great and I cannot wait to have the copy in my hands! Somehow that will just make everything complete.

It may be a bit before I get the proof, and once I do, I’ll have to read through it again to approve it, so I don’t know how long it will be before it’s available to you. For now, it’s only going to be paperback, but I’ll give you more info about all this later. After reading about my options, I decided to use CreateSpace because it was simple, supposed to be good quality, and it didn’t cost me anything out of pocket, which was especially important based on my expenses so far. Currently, I’m trying to think of all this as a small business venture: I’m having to spend a little up front in order to gain more later. I hope.

I’m focusing on two things right now: making the book available to as many people as possible, and spreading the word about it. People won’t buy a book that they don’t know exists!

AGAIN (and probably for every post in the future) if you have read it, PLEASE review it publicly on Amazon or Smashwords or Goodreads! The book really needs this! Add it on Goodreads and talk about it in any way you can! Share it on Facebook! I can’t stress these things enough and it will only take a few minutes of your time!

For those of you who have been helping me, sharing and RTing, I appreciate it so much! I can’t say that enough either. :p Thank you!


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