Post Nevermor Update

I’ve been letting this blog slip a bit since the first book has been released, but know that I’m still working! I’ve taken a little break from Nevermor to work on a couple of my other books, and I just got the print proof for The People in the Rickety House, which is so exciting! I’m definitely addicted to seeing my books in print. It’s wonderful! Nothing like it – except maybe seeing others enjoy it.

While I’ve been busy with other things, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t done anything at all with continuing Nevermor. I’ve started piecing the second book together which, as most of you know, is already written for the most part. Now comes the real job of rewriting some parts, adding new material, changing details and making everything line up. I’m planning to do a bigger post about this later to give you more details about the changes.  Some fans have seemed a bit confused (after reading Nevermor) about how I’m going to be able to use the same story, but keep the faith! Yes, there are details that must be changed, but the story is still going to be the same for the most part! Trust me!

To conclude this brief update, I’m working as hard as I can to put out as many of my books as possible, and I promise to spend a fair amount of time on Forsaken Dreamscape to make it the best that it can be! (The Nevermor series is still my main focus right now.) I’ve released Rickety House as an ebook, I’m editing the print version, and I’m working on Roses and Black Glass: a dark Cinderella tale all at the same time. As soon as I get it going, then I’ll start on another! I’m definitely setting myself up to have a busy year! Wish me luck and keep in touch for updates!


1 thought on “Post Nevermor Update

  1. Val

    I just picked up Nevermor last night, on my Kobo. Can’t wait to read it! I saw Rickety House on there as well! I can’t wait for Roses and Black Glass to come out! It was the first novel i read on your FictionPress, and then i read your Nutcracker one; been wanting to reread them both, but I think you took most of them down.
    You can count that i’ll be getting Roses and Black Glass when you have it out!


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