Forsaken Rewrites – in progress

Storms…  It was a night of storms.

That was the first line of Forsaken Dreamscape when it was a Peter Pan fanfiction, and you’ll be pleased to know that with only a slight variation, it is STILL the first line of Forsaken Dreamscape. The prologue is still the same for the most part, with only a few minor changes to details. Beyond that, however, things are changing – but it’s for the better!

For those of you who know what is coming, try not to fret.  I’m keeping it as close as I can to the story that you love, but I’m “fixing it” as I’ve always wanted to.  For those who are going to be reading it for the first time, I think you’re in for a treat. 🙂

For years, it has been a goal of mine to go back and rewrite the first 4-5 chapters of Forsaken Dreamscape anyway, but never had the energy.  This is probably the best excuse I could have asked for.  So far, it’s going well.  However, despite what might be changing, I’m going to try very hard to keep many things the same, because I know this story has become familiar to you all.  Many things are the same, and beyond Chapter 5 (or so) I don’t intend to change much of the story aside from details that can no longer be there, unless I decided to edit/add scenes. I already have a few ideas for what I can add to make it even better.

Rest assured, even after Nevermor, I’m a bit nervous about this. Even though many have reacted positively to Nevermor, it’s still a fear of mine that readers will think I ruined Forsaken, but I’m going with my gut. There are parts of it, especially in the beginning, that I hated either because of content or simply because of how I wrote it, and I’m on a mission to smooth all of that out!

So far, I’ve redone the beginning and gotten Wren off to Nevermor again, though it’s not perfect. It’ll need several more layers, but I’ve gotten approximately 20K words arranged, much of it new. I’ve been rewriting bits and sorting through things I have to see what I want to keep and what should be cast aside.

It’s going well, but there is still a looong way to go.  It won’t be released until Jan-Feb next year, but I want to be sure I have it  completed well ahead of time so I can know exactly where I’m going with the third book before I release this one.

From now until the release of this book, I’ll hopefully be updating you with tidbits and excepts like I did during the writing of Nevermor, so you can see some of the changes firsthand. That, at least, is the plan.


In other, yet similar news, Nevermor has gotten a cover revamp (same cover, different lettering) and it looks even better (especially with the spine and back, which I haven’t shown yet).  It has recently been updated and is now available for purchase. Maybe I’ll have some pictures of the physical version to show soon.Preview Nevermor cover

Also, if you’re looking for something else to get you through, The People in the Rickety House has been released as an ebook and is also in print now: HERE

In addition, I’ve also been working on getting Roses and Black Glass: a dark Cinderella tale ready for publishing.

I haven’t quite made that publishing schedule for myself, but have decided to take it as I go, I suppose. However, I do – for sure – have at least one more book goal for this year that I hope will also go well for me. 🙂 I’ll tell you more about that later.


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