Forsaken Dreamscape: progress and what’s changing

I’ve let the blog slip this month, but I haven’t had much to report. I set aside the month of April for Camp NaNo, during which my goal was to rewrite the first few chapters of Forsaken Dreamscape. I’m pleased to announce that I have reached my goal of 30,000 words and have pretty much gotten myself where I want to be chapter-wise!

It’s going well. I can feel the characters growing so much more this time, and the story is carrying itself a bit better in the beginning. I think this is going to work out. 🙂

It didn’t occur to me until yesterday that what I am doing with these rewrites is what I have done with every fairytale I’ve ever twisted. I take a story that’s already there and I note the elements I want to keep, and then I rework everything so that I can keep the important stuff but yet it flows in a different way. Simple, right? Eh…

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I wanted to make notes about a few things that have to be different this time around. If you haven’t read Nevermor, Forsaken Dreamscape, or if you want to be surprised, you might want to skip over it.

For those who are curious, here are a few things that are changing:

  • One of the most obvious things, I think, is that there is no crocodile anymore. Those scenes will be rewritten and fully re-imagined when the time comes.
  • Wren no longer has the fire breath, though I will still include the same idea and purpose for the demon kiss, just without that element.
  • The fairy character, Anasia Angeldust is no more. I always hated that part and reallly wanted to get rid of her. Now I have. Yay.
  • The Rifter character has been presented in a different way that I think everyone will find more agreeable and realistic to the storyline.
  • The circumstances for the corruption of the world have been adjusted in order to line up with the Nevermor storyline.

I think this covers some of the major differences within the first few chapters, at least.  These rewrites will, I believe, show how much I’ve grown as a writer since I first wrote them 10+ years ago, and will allow this story to truly become something of its own. For those who only liked the beginning and no longer enjoyed it after it got darker, well, you’re out of luck. :/

I, on the other hand, am very excited for myself and for the story. 🙂

I’m getting closer to completing what I’d like to call my ‘first draft’. (Chapter 1-5)  What was once 23,000 words has grown to 30k. Still, I’m a long way from having it ready. Many of these words are scattered around, but I had to cut into what I had, and in ways that was harder than starting from scratch.

On another note, sales for Nevermor have been, well, better than most self-published writers probably get, but still a long way from being great. Still, I’m thankful for what I’ve gotten and the bit of attention I’ve managed to get. Most of my readers have come from Wattpad (That’s only my guess) but others who have come across the book randomly seem to really love it. I’ve read it several times myself and I really believe in the book. It’s good. I just wish I could let more people know about it. I’m still working on all that.

One thing that has baffled me is that I’ve run Facebook ads and gained several hundred Likes, and though people seem to be responding to the idea of the book, I’m not seeing near that many sales. It’s sort of baffling me. Maybe you can help me out.

When you get ready to buy a book, what do you have to take into account in order to purchase it? Is it about more than just the cover and description?


7 thoughts on “Forsaken Dreamscape: progress and what’s changing

  1. Val

    When I buy books, I tend to get caught by the cover, and the title. If the cover and title catch my attention, i pull it from the shelf (Yes i’m talking a physical book, but this counts for ebooks too i think) and check out the summary on the back. If the summary gets my attention, I open the book to the first chapter. Usually by the end of the first page, I know if i like the writing style and the story.

    Honestly, I feel that you can have the most awesome cover and the best summary of a novel you could ever find, but if the novel doesn’t draw you in, with the first couple 100 words, its hard to get a person to buy your book. I bought your ebook, and I couldn’t put my reader down.

    Maybe find other places to push your novel out? You’ve got Amazon, and Smashwords correct? What about Lulu? They offer different publishing packages, and make sure you’re found on the big book stores and even in libraries; at least that’s what they claim. I haven’t gotten a novel finished/edited well enough to try Lulu yet.

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      Thanks for the comments. 🙂 Actually Smashwords has given me distribution through many channels, so my books can be purchased thorough Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple as well. I’ve looked at Lulu but I don’t remember exactly what I read about them or their publishing packages, but I do know that many publishing packages I’ve looked at for marketing have been super expensive! Mostly I’ve been trying to go as cheaply as possible and take that as far as I can, but I may have to consider going further.

      1. Val

        I haven’t Thoroughly checked out Lulu. I probably should!
        There’s also a website, called Kickstarter. ( ) I don’t know all the mechanics of it, but if you get certain amount in pledges by a certain point in time, they will give you the amount of money that you’re requesting. I’ve known a few people who’ve tried; no idea how well, they did.

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