Planning a Kickstarter Campaign for Nevermor

I’ve known about Kickstarter for a while, have even considered it, but not seriously. I just figured that it wouldn’t go very well for me, but I’ve been trying to think of ways to market Nevermor/come up with more money to market Nevermor, and then Kickstarter came on my radar again. Just the other day, an idea came to me, and that idea paired with Kickstarter had me thinking “this just might work out.”.

For those who don’t know what kick starter is, it’s a site where artists (of many arts) ask for donated funds to make their projects come to life. We’re not in it for personal gain, but solely to come up with money for our projects. It’s like seeking investors, or signing on with a publisher or record label, but you FANS are the investors.

But you don’t just donate money and walk away empty-handed; oh no. Instead, you are rewarded with free stuffs when you donate, so it’s not like you’re handing your money over completely. You do receive things – often exclusive things!

It’s going to take some doing for me to get all of this together, but I wanted to go ahead and mention it as I prepare. What I’m going to propose is a plan to raise funds for a Nevermor marketing campaign that it so desperately needs to bring it to a larger audience, but I could never afford that on my own. (As of now, I don’t have a game-plan. I’m going to have to decide what I’m intending to do and what my goal will be, and you’ll know exactly where the money is going when I start this.)

I know that a lot of my fans don’t have a lot of moolah, and some haven’t even been able to afford to purchase Nevermor, but I will assure you right now that you will get product for the amount of your donation. I’ve already got a bit of a plan set up for the items you’ll be able to earn.

What I’m planning to do might be a bit different and unconventional, but I think it could work out.

Here’s the gist of what I’m thinking: You guys donate, and I write.

That’s right, I’m going to write a new Nevermor book, which is not part of the trilogy, but more of a companion piece, and for every unit I raise, I’ll post a new chapter on Wattpad for free (if Wattpad doesn’t work out, then elsewhere), the more I raise and the faster I raise it, the faster you’ll get those chapters. And! If you donate, you’ll be sure to get a free digital copy of the book after the donation period is over, even if I don’t reach my goal. So, if you donate, you will get to finish reading, even if others don’t join in to help you out.

Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to score more awesome Nevermor swag with different dollar donations – such things as signed copies and so forth.

I think it’s a pretty good idea, and it just might work out. I’m going to give you more information about this new book in a bit, but as I plan for this Kickstarter campaign and decide what exactly I want to aim for, I have to actually write this book. Once it’s done – or near done – I’ll be willing to get things rolling. That way, you’ll be sure that I won’t leave you hanging.

Just a note: this book is not Forsaken Dreamscape. It’s something new, a novel that is meant to accompany Nevermor, set in the world and with the characters you know, but it’s separate from the series.

That’s all I can really say for now, but the blog will be buzzing with info about this once I make some decisions. If things go well, I could be ready to go with this by next month!

What do you think of this idea?


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