Kickstarter Proposal

Okay! I’ve finally gotten a bit of new info on this Kickstarter project I want to get going. It’s not ready yet, but I have at least gotten some ideas together for what I’d like to do with it.


I haven’t completely figured out what I want to set my goal at, but I’m not going to aim too high. Right now, I’m considering somewhere around $2500. I can always raise more than my goal, which will allow me to do more with marketing the books, but if I don’t reach my goal, I won’t get anything.

This is the most important note: if I don’t reach my goal, then I will not receive any money at all. No one is required to pay, but also no gifts will be given. The whole thing will be thrown out.

So keep that in mind.

This amount will allow me to publicize at least one of the books, purchase Kirkus Indie Reviews for Nevermor and Forsaken Dreamscape, help out with the cost of cover art, allow me to start having my books printed by Lightning Source, and allow me to  start a marketing campaign for Nevermor.

Any extra money I can get will be used for further marketing/artwork/reviews for the Nevermor series/booktrailers, and possibly a website, but I do not intend to use the money for any of my other books aside from this series, and I will not use the money for personal uses.

The minimum donation amount will be $1. The largest, I think, will be $100.

The Proposal:

In my last post, I mentioned something about writing a new Nevermor book to help push this project along. I was considering writing this book anyway, and I thought this might be the perfect way to get myself going on it.

In addition to the gifts that you will be able to earn, you will also be getting chapters of an all new book posted on Wattpad for free! Basically, gaining units in Kickstarter will get new chapters posted.

I haven’t decided how I want the writing to go yet. I don’t know if I want to write in advance and post as the donations come in, or if I want to let the donations drive me to write. I’ll have to think about it a bit.

This new Nevermor book is currently going under the name A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares, and is going to detail the events directly before the Nevermor trilogy begins.

In this book, I’m going to be focusing on a period of time that is only vaguely referred to in Nevermor. Rifter and the boys are going to take the spotlight, and though Wren is not in this book, it’s still going to be awesome. (I just can’t get enough of them young, and I wanted to write another book in this vein before moving on to Forsaken Dreamscape which, as most know, changes things.)

In summary, this book is going to deal with some of these unanswered questions from Nevermor: What happened to the last boy, Cyprus, and why does Nix have so much of a grudge against Rifter for Wren’s sake? What happened the last time Rifter met up with the Scourge? What was life like for the boys before Wren came into their lives? And just exactly how evil is the Scourge?

It’s going to be an edge-of-your-seat, cutthroat action/adventure, with your favorite set of brutal, fun-loving boys… And I promise that there will be a bit of romance on the sideline, even if it doesn’t involve Rifter and Wren.

I don’t intend for this book to contain any serious spoilers for Nevermor. Like I said, this is a companion piece, so the things you learn in this book will be minor compared to what Nevermor offered. Still, it should fill in several blanks and just simply be an entertaining story.

So! Get excited! It should be in the works soon!


Now on to what you’ve all be waiting for! A cool thing about Kickstarter is that you’re getting something in return for the money you give. Gifts and prizes will be offered for certain dollar donations, and below is my current proposal for that. (It may change.)

By the way, the prizes roll over, so if you donate a higher dollar amount, you will also get the gifts in the tier below.


Less than $10: You are aiding in bringing chapters of A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares to Wattpad for you and others to read for free!

$10: Smashwords copy of A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares (after the campaign is over and the book is complete)

$15: above and Smashwords copy of Nevermor (will receive within 24 hours)

$25 above and a set of postcards featuring Nevermor cover/character art

$30: above and print version of Nevermor (to be mailed at end of campaign)

$35 above and signed print version of Nevermor (replaces print version in the above, so it is not 2 copies)

$40: above and Nevermor cover art poster

$45: above and SIGNED Nevermor cover art poster

$50: above and never-before-seen Forsaken Dreamscape cover art poster

$60: all of the above plus print version of A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares, signed

$100: Nevermor mother load: all above and print version of A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares, and an advanced print copy of Forsaken Dreamscape, all signed


That concludes what I have set up currently. I don’t know when this will actually happen – maybe June or July if I can swing it, but I have a few more things to figure out first.

Be sure to let me know if you have any thoughts! I’m interested to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Proposal

  1. walkingwithspiders

    I reckon it would be cute if the people who donated $100, or even more if it is possible, got their names printed on the last page of the second book or something as a special thanks. But then again, I can see how every fan donation is special 🙂
    Can’t wait for the kick-starter, I will most certainly be donating! 😀


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