Mid-year Update on Nevermor Progress

I haven’t been keeping up my posts very well, have I? Maybe I just can’t think of catchy titles for them, or maybe I’m not working as hard as I should so I have nothing to report. Eh. I’m about to get back to it, I swear. In the meantime, here’s a general update to let you know anything I might have forgotten to say, and things I’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Forsaken Dreamscape: Though I got a lot of work done on the story in April, I’ve taken a break since then and haven’t done much recently. I’m about to start again, however. I still have many changes to make and I want to be certain that I get enough editing done before I release it. One of my regrets is that I wrote Nevermor so quickly that I didn’t spend enough time editing, so I don’t want to let that happen with this one.

Updating Nevermor: Reading through Nevermor is almost unending. I keep looking back at it to make sure I’ve got the right feeling for where I’m going. I also really do enjoy it – and even after so long, I’m STILL editing.  I am STILL finding a few little mistakes/things I want to reword. I’ve always thought I could edit one document forever and never be completely satisfied. I’ll change something and then later I probably change it back. Yes, sometimes you just have to let it go, but I’m currently about to update all versions (again) and that takes up some of my time. I’m still reviewing it frequently.

Kickstarter: I’m still brainstorming about Kickstarter and still intend to go forward with it. I still have to do more planning on rewards, and I have to make a video, but I want to start going with it soon – within the next month or two. I’ll keep you posted.

A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares: In my last post, I announced a new book I wanted to write as a prequel to Nevermor, which was going to play a big role in my Kickstarter plans. I did start on this and wrote a couple of chapters, but now I’m thinking that it’s going to take too much of my energy to plan and write this book. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right, and I think now I need to be focusing on Forsaken Dreamscape instead. So, for now, this project is going to be on hold.

Forsaken Dreamscape (Peter Pan version): People are still asking me (weekly) about the old version of Forsaken, where they can read it, if I’m going to put it back up, if it’s still going to be around or exist after I change it, so on. For a while I wasn’t sure what I’d do, but I think I’ve settled on a plan.

I know in the beginning that I changed the story to Nevermor because I didn’t want to publish it as Peter Pan/wanted to turn it into something I would love more. I don’t regret my choice to change it, but people still like the old version, and likewise, it has been online for so long that I want people to know that I am the original writer of it. What I have decided to do is release a DELUXE version of Forsaken Dreamscape that will include the Nevermor version and the Peter Pan version. This will probably only be sold as an ebook, (would be really long ans costly to print) but that way, fans can have a copy of the old version, and I’ll have let it be known that it is mine. The old version will be edited for errors, but will be mostly unchanged.

So, that’s where I am right now. I’m planning for where I want to go with Nevermor as far as what I can do to promote, plus writing. In addition, I want to start up a website so that the books can be purchased directly from me, and there is just soooo much to do!  It’s unending, but I’m having a good time with it. 🙂


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