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Project Nevermor 100th Post! – Seeking Inspiration in Art

This is my 100th post on his blog! I wanted to do something special for it, so I’ve been holding off to make sure this milestone post was a good one – but in the course of that, I found myself not posting anything at all!

So, after all this time, I’ve finally decided on something.

As you know, I’m finally back to work on Forsaken Dreamscape. I’ve added several thousand words to it and have some ideas for scenes I want to add.  I’m getting deeper into it now, and I know it can be so much better. I’m adding more action, darkness, storyline, and – you guessed it – a bit more romance as well.

But since it’s that time again, I need inspiration.

Off and on, I’ve spent some time looking for amazing fantasy images that reminded me of the world of Nevermor so that I could visualize and also get some new ideas.  I found some really nice ones and I thought I’d share them with you. 🙂

I linked back to where I found them when possible. If you want to follow the long trail to see where they originally came from, be my guest.

(None of this is official Nevermor art.)


Captains_cabinburning_woods_by_alexlinde-d4ug2ph557912_374045896044330_1800951094_n318726310847198677112190This tree reminds me of the fairy wisps in the treetops, even though these are lanterns. I really love the colors of the night sky.

This scene reminded me of what the Nevermor forest might have looked like – before, you know…

The green water in this cave scene sort of reminds me of poison or acid.

A pirate tavern. We haven’t seen one of these in Nevermor yet, buuut perhaps this is a clue of things to come.

Captain’s Cabin – This one is an image from a hidden object game. Looks perfect for the Desdemona.

A nice one of a burning forest. Pretty self-explanatory.

This lovely lady and wolf came from a Facebook post, but she reminded me of Calico.

This one reminded me of the Vork tunnels from Forsaken Dreamscape.

I love this one. Reminds me of how the island might have changed in Forsaken Dreamscape as one looks on from the sky.

Might seem a little more like Alice in Wonderland, but it has a good feel for a dark and strange landscape.


This image has been around; I’ve seen it before, but when I came across it again, it really reminded me of how I had imagined Whisper.

This one is just gorgeous. I imagine Wren and Rifter viewing the heavens, enjoying the fantastic beauty of the Nevermor night.

-Well, I hope I kept you amused with those images 🙂


My biggest news, currently, is the fact that my Project Nevermor Kickstarter campaign didn’t work out. I’m disappointed, but I’m not beaten down by it.  I’m going to keep pressing forward with the book and do whatever I can to bring it to a bigger audience. It’s still getting good reviews from those who do choose to pick it up, and I’m sure it could do much better if only more people knew about it!

Another thing I’m going to be planning for soon is opening a website, other than this one, where I will be able to sell my books directly from the source, annnnd hopefully include some other fun stuff.

Speaking of that, does anyone have any ideas or input for something they’d like to see? 🙂

Nevermor, Forsaken Dreamscape, Kickstarter, Oh My!!

I’ve been SO busy these past few weeks. I’ve finally gotten back in my groove with the Forsaken Dreamscape rewrites, and I think I’ve finally gotten past a few rough patches that had me spinning my wheels, but now I think I’ve got everything going the way I want it – for now.  As far as the number of pages on my screen at this moment, I’m a little over halfway through it with the other half untouched.

And it needs some work, let me tell you.

I just noticed yesterday – as I’ve finally smoothed out several bumps in the story and also calmed my irritated grumblings over things I’ve been fighting with – I now see that Forsaken Dreamscape has swelled from its original 119K to 145K! That’s really something, and there is even more that I want to add (and of course some things to take out and rewrite altogether).

When it’s all said and done, I expect to be looking at a wordcount anywhere from 150K to 200 – but I sort of doubt it will be that high. I’m thinking around 170-180 for a good estimate, but it’s going to be great. It’s ALREADY great. You’re going to love it!

During the course of this, I find myself turning back to Nevermor to check things out, and yes, I’ve been reading it again.  As much as I keep reading this, I may not read another book this year!  Oddly, as many times as I have looked it over, there have been a few little parts I’ve even forgotten about.  It’s possible that I’ve just now reached the point where I can read it objectively.  But no worries.  It’s still good. :p

Through all this I’ve been trying my HARDEST to think of ways that I can convince people to get involved with my Kickstarter effort, but not much has happened yet. Still, I don’t intend to give up until it’s over, so expect to be nagged and begged and pleaded with until then.

(Please help!!)

Furthermore, my brain is already trying to wrap itself around the third book in a serious way, kind of wants to start working on it, and has even begun to think: “Is it possible that it doesn’t have to end? Could there be a FOURTH book??” And I’m not talking A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares, which is going to be a side story prequel. I’m talking about the Trilogy becoming a Saga!

While this is an exciting thing for me to think about (it’s like having another child, and I say that because I have no children) I just CAN’T let myself go there right now. There is a long stretch between now and then, and I have to tackle one thing at a time.

Which leads to the question: what does one do when there are so many things to take care of at once?

More Kickstarter Prizes now available to Backers outisde the US!

I was able to update some more of my Kickstarter prizes to be available outside the US!  International Backers can now bid for the $60 prize – at an additional shipping cost.

I hate that it has to be this way, actually, but our shipping costs have gone wayyy up over here over the last years or so, and shipping a lot of heavy books can get very expensive! I hope you can forgive me for the delay, but Nevermor fans in other countries can now get both books in paperback, plus all digital versions. I haven’t made the hardbacks available to you guys, just because they are so heavy.

If any of you would still like to make some kind of bid to get the dedication in Forsaken, I’ll try to come up with a way to make that happen, even if you don’t get the hardback copies.

Hmm, that might be all I have to report for now.

Nevermor Kickstarter Challenge!

So Project Nevermor has seen a few donations come in so far, and that’s been really great to see, but in order to help things move forward, I have decided  to issue a Project Nevermor Kickstarter Challenge!

 But first, as a general update, I’d just like to say that I’m working on finding out what shipping costs might be for countries outside the US for some of the bigger prizes. I know that I have fans dotted all over the globe, and the idea that not all of my fans will have access to my books has been something that has bothered me since the beginning, and since I am going to be shipping this stuff myself, I suppose it’s the least I can do to offer it to everyone I can.  Shipping prices for these things will be additional to the reward cost, however.

 Now back to the challenge!  Check it out!


Additionally, I’ve added an extended version of my Kickstarter video for anyone who wants to hear me talk a little bit more about writing/Nevermor/Peter Pan. I had to cut some of it just to make the official video a little snappier.

I also did a short interview with a wattpad writer recently, so check that out as well. 🙂

Project Nevermor Kickstarter Info – Prizes

Some of you may not have seen this yet, but I posted it on the Project Nevermor site yesterday and also made a video of it, but just in case, I wanted to post this info here as well.

This post details the process of donating on Kickstarter (totally simple) and what rewards you will be able to get for donation amounts.  Check it out and go donate!  (I really really need more backers!)


(The video pretty much explains everything that it says below….except the last part.)

I’m going to explain a bit about how Kickstarter works.  Basically, you pledge a certain amount to a project and the amount is collected from you at the end of the campaign.  All you need in order to donate is an Amazon account, which most people already have.  The amount pledged determines the rewards you can earn.  At any time, you can alter the amount of your pledge, but no money will be collected until the end.  You can only donate once, which will make you an official backer of the project, but you can raise the amount of your pledge at any time.  As a backer, you’ll get all updates I post concerning the project.

Keep two things in mind: if I don’t reach my goal, no money will be collected, no prizes will be given, and basically all be very sad. But, if I reach and hopefully surpass my goal, you will all have access to something special at the end of the campaign. I’m keeping not a secret for now.

 Also, please don’t pledge money that you don’t have! Even if the goal is reached, if Amazon can’t collect the funds when the time comes, the project is thrown out and I get nothing. So don’t offer up more than you have JUST to fill the bar.

 Okay! Now, on to what you really want to know about: the rewards!

 If you looked at the Kickstarter page, you probably notice that the minimum pledge for Project Nevermor is $1. Also, the tier levels will transfer down, so if you pledge a higher amount, you also get the prizes below that.

 Let’s start at the lowest tier.

 I regret that I couldn’t offer a prize for a donation under $9, however, that doesn’t mean that a dollar is not important. Those dollars are SO important, in fact, that if every one of my Wattpad fans donated just ONE DOLLAR, I will have almost reach my goal.  So, they add up.  Just remember that every dollar gets us closer to the goal, AND also closer to the secret reward that will come at the end if the goal is reached.

 For a pledge of $10, you will get an e-book copy of Forsaken Dreamscape through Smashwords.  For those who know, this is the second book in the Nevermor trilogy, which I plan to release early next year. This prize will be sent as soon as the book is published, and will keep you from having to buy it later. I like Smashwords because there are many different formats that you can download for different devices such as Kindle, Nook, and you can even read it on your PC.

 For a pledge of $15, you get the prize I just mentioned, plus, you get an e-book copy of Nevermor through Smashwords.  Since Nevermor has already been released, I will be sending these out immediately after the campaign is over.  So you can be reading Nevermor while you are waiting for Forsaken Dreamscape to be released.

 For a pledge of $20, you get the two e-books and a set of 5 x 7 postcards featuring Nevermor art by artist Omri Koresh, including the never-before-seen Forsaken Dreamscape cover. This is what one of them looks like. Currently, there are two of these postcards, but another might be added before the end of the campaign.  Right now, these are limited, and this campaign is your only way of getting your hands on these.

For the next tier, a pledge of $25, you get all the items I just mentioned, of course, plus the postcards will be SIGNED. They will be hand signed by me, not preprinted. You also get a two-sided Nevermor bookmark featuring the art from the first and second book covers. (hold up) . This is the front, I’m not showing you the back.

For a pledge of $30, you will get all that, plus the PRINT version of Nevermor in paperback.

Like the last tier, for a pledge of $35 , I will SIGN the print copy of Nevermor.

Moving on, for a pledge of $45 or more, in addition to all that I just mentioned, you will get the print version of Forsaken Dreamscape, which of course will not be released until next year. However, you will get the ebook version when it is released, and can be reading while the print version is being shipped.

 As has been the pattern, a pledge of $50 gets your copy of Forsaken Dreamscape SIGNED.

The reward for a donation of $60 will get you all that I just mentioned, plus an e-book copy of Forsaken Dreamscape Deluxe Edition. I don’t know how many of you know my plans for this, but this exclusive e-book version will include the Forsaken Dreamscape, Nevermor version, AND the old Forsaken Dreamscape, PETER PAN version. This is an edited version of the fanfiction story, but only so far as correcting errors.  The contents will be the same, and the characters will be those created by J.M. Barrie instead of how I renamed them.  Even though I’m doing this as a sort of bonus, I still don’t regret changing it to Nevermor.  I still think it’s better in its new form, but I know many fans are still attached to the old version.  I don’t intend for it to be published on its own, but it’s going to be included in this Deluxe Edition of Forsaken Dreamscape. The release date for this is unknown as of yet, but it is planned for some time next year, and you will receive it in ebook form when it is.

 For pledge of $80, you will get everything, plus a hardback version of Nevermor, and it will be signed. The hardback does not exist yet. This was one of the things I was hoping to do with the funds that are raised through this kick starter program. But this pledge will still get you the paperback version as well.

 Now for the big prize.  For a pledge of $100, you get the Nevermor mother lode. You get everything I mentioned; anything I can possibly put my name on will be signed; you also get Forsaken Dreamscape as a hardcover, AND you will get a special dedication in Forsaken Dreamscape for being a Kickstarter donor!  I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to do the dedication yet, but what I’m thinking right now is that you will be mentioned, by name, at the beginning of the book where it will say ‘this book is dedicated to…’. This would be a great gift for yourself, or if you know someone who is a Forsaken Dreamscape fan, you can have their name put in the dedication instead! This list will appear in all versions of the book, and of course will be there for you when you get your print copies.

 At this point, some of you might be thinking ‘some of these prizes don’t do me any good. I’ve already gotten the e-book and the print book of Nevermor.’ Well, you can simply pass them on to someone else, , or I will give you the opportunity to opt out of any of the prizes that you don’t wish to receive. OR if you simply want to help out the project, but don’t want anything in return, you can opt out of prizes completely.

 Remember that you don’t have to have the money right this minute in order to pledge. It won’t be collected until later.

Rewards will be delivered in one package, so if your package includes copies of Forsaken Dreamscape, your rewards will not be delivered until it is released, to save on postage. The postage is covered unless otherwise noted. The ebooks, however will be sent to you as soon as possible while you wait.

 I think that about does it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

 I hope you all will share and help spread the word about Project Nevermor!


To my international fans: One of my biggest issues during the publishing process is that I have a lot of international fans, and I’ve struggled with the thought that not all of them will have access to my books.  Some of the prizes have been made available to you. I plan to send the ebooks to anyone I possibly can, and the signed postcards will also be available to you with an additional shipping cost, but the heavier books are a little iffy, and I’m not sure about shipping. I feel a little weird about setting a standard shipping price, because it just doesn’t cost the same to ship to every country.

I’m still trying to look into this, so maybe I can some up with something soon. I’ll have to add additional shipping costs to the amount of the donations, but first I need to figure out exactly how much that will have to be.

So much to do!

Project Nevermor is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

kickstarter logoToday is the day!  I have so much to do! First, of course, I had to change up the blog a bit to update this change!

I hope you all are excited to help me out as I press through the next 29 days of this project!

I could tell you more, but I want you to check it out for yourself. Here’s the link:

Head on over, watch the video and check out the rewards!

(in the future, you can simply click the widget on the sidebar to visit the project)

I’ll be updating soon through this blog and also hope to have exclusive posts through the actual Kickstarter site, which you’ll only be able to get if you’re a backer of the project (minimum $1 pledge). I also have a couple of explanatory videos that I’ll be channeling in from Youtube which talk about all the prizes and such, so all that should keep you entertained for a bit.

Sorry this post is so short! I’ll be back with more info soon!