Nevermor Kickstarter Challenge!

So Project Nevermor has seen a few donations come in so far, and that’s been really great to see, but in order to help things move forward, I have decided  to issue a Project Nevermor Kickstarter Challenge!

 But first, as a general update, I’d just like to say that I’m working on finding out what shipping costs might be for countries outside the US for some of the bigger prizes. I know that I have fans dotted all over the globe, and the idea that not all of my fans will have access to my books has been something that has bothered me since the beginning, and since I am going to be shipping this stuff myself, I suppose it’s the least I can do to offer it to everyone I can.  Shipping prices for these things will be additional to the reward cost, however.

 Now back to the challenge!  Check it out!


Additionally, I’ve added an extended version of my Kickstarter video for anyone who wants to hear me talk a little bit more about writing/Nevermor/Peter Pan. I had to cut some of it just to make the official video a little snappier.

I also did a short interview with a wattpad writer recently, so check that out as well. 🙂


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